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Billy Corgan Becomes President Of TNA Wrestling

Billy Corgan Smashing Pumpkins

Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan has been named as the president of Impact Ventures, the parent company of TNA Wrestling. The singer and longtime wrestling fan first became part of the company last year, serving as senior producer of creative and talent development.

Billy CorganBilly Corgan is the new president of TNA Impact wrestling

In a statement Corgan said: “I believe in this company, its passionate fans, the talented roster and the dedicated staff and crew. I am committed to this great opportunity and will use all of my resources and connections to drive the success of this company."

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Smashing Pumpkins Frontman Billy Corgan Compares 'Social Justice Warriors' To KKK

Billy Corgan Smashing Pumpkins

Billy Corgan, frontman for The Smashing Pumpkins has compared what he calls ‘social justice warriors’ to the Ku Klux Klan, in an interview with radio host and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones. During the interview Corgan lashed out at the ‘hashtag generation,’ saying they were a threat to freedom of speech.

Billy CorganBilly Corgan has likened ‘social justice warriors’ to KKK members.

When asked how he thought ‘social justice warriors’ could be stopped Corgan said: "Well, there's two schools of thought: One is, they're gone. They're Maoists. They have the Little Red Book in their hand. You're not gonna get them back.”

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A Week In Music, Kings Of Leon Unveil New Album's First Taste 'Supersoaker', Tom Odell Plays Mesmerising London Gig And Mazzy Star Make A Long-Awaited Return

Kings Of Leon Bastille Little Green Cars Tired Pony John Mayer Tom Odell The Icarus Line Latitude Festival Pitchfork Music Festival Mazzy Star Smashing Pumpkins

Kings Of Leon Supersoaker Artwork

A week in music videos... We finally get the first glimpse of what's in store for Kings Of Leon's sixth album 'Mechanical Bull' with their new single 'Supersoaker'. It's probably one of the most highly-anticipated albums of the year following their 2010 offering 'Come Around Sundown' which reached the top spot on the UK album charts and number 2 in the US. If you're a fan of awesome, driving rock anthems, then after listening to 'Supersoaker' you'll be the first to grab a copy of the new album in September. Listen to Supersoaker here.

Just as fresh and anthemic is London band Bastille, who stole the hearts of the nation with their debut album 'Bad Blood' earlier this year - an easy chart topper responsible for such tracks as 'Pompeii' and 'Laura Palmer'. They have now released a moving video for their emotional track 'Things We Lose In The Fire' which also managed to chart despite not being released as a single. Bastille are currently on a major world tour and will appear at the likes of Japan's Summer Sonic Festival, Leeds and Reading Festival and Berlin Festival this summer. Watch the video for Things We Lost In The Fire here.

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Glastonbury Weather Dries Up Ready For The Big Acts

Michael Eavis Rolling Stones Portishead Primal Scream Smashing Pumpkins Tame Impala Nick Cave Chic Nile Rodgers Elvis Costello Arctic Monkeys Glastonbury Festival

Many Glasto goers woke up to the pitter patter of rain on canvas this morning as Wednesday's warm, humid weather well and truly dissolved into rain. By the Thursday evening, the site was drenched - what had initially been forecast as a "short sharp shower turned into an all-day deluge," according to the BBC. And where there's rain, there's mud: big sticky, gloopy, welly-stealing piles of it. This didn't deter any of the 118,000 ticket holders already onsite, with revellers retreating to indoor tents or embracing the wet weather and sludge with gusto by making mud slides. As the main festival wasn't even fully underway by then, we can't say we'd like to be sharing their tent this weekend - let's hope they've brought some babywipes!

Michael & emily Eavis
Glastonbury Festival Organisers Michael & Daughter Emily Eavis.

Unlike everywhere else in the country, the rest of the weekend in the South-West is set to be mild, but not exactly toasty, with mean temperatures of 18°C combined with average windspeeds of about 15mph: so that little weather forecaster's cartoon of a grey cloud will pretty much sum up the weekend. 2009's extreme weather saw torrential downpours and thunderstorms lighting up the valley but was followed by 2010's glorious sunshine, which caused sunstroke and dust problems. Punters have a whole weekend of musical, comical and performance joy ahead of them to distract them from any weather woes though. Saturday night will be headlined by The Rolling Stones who have described the Glastonbury headline slot as an experience they were "destined" for, with organisers Michael and Emily Eavis "thrilled" to have the legendary Stones perform.

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Glastonbury Festival 2013: Your Guide To The Biggest Clashes!

Smashing Pumpkins Nick Cave Michael Eavis Tame Impala Frightened Rabbit The Vaccines Haim The XX Bobby Womack Rolling Stones Primal Scream

With such a ginormous festival site at 900 acres, and plenty of drunken hoardes and muddy puddles to fight through, the simple act of walking from one stage to another can be a difficult task. Throw in a lost mud-sucked welly and inebriated disorientation and you haven't a hope in hell of deftly navigating your way in between acts - even with that overpriced festival lanyard you spent half your first day's budget on.

Glastonbury returns in 2013 after having taking a well needed break in 2012 - the Eavis family, the cows and the grass all had a rest whilst the portaloos and crowd barriers were in London for the Olympics. The festival this year marks it's revival with an exciting line-up, including The Rolling Stones, Mumford & Sons, Arctic Monkeys, Chic feat. Nile Rodgers, Chase and Status, and Public Enemy.

However, with all star-packed line-ups comes inevitable clashes: fan of both Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds AND Smashing Pumpkins? Too bad - they're both on around 20:30 on the Sunday with a good half mile hike between stages, meaning you'll have to forego one sullen frontman for another.

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Smashing Pumpkins, Oceania Album Review

Billy Corgan was always the antagonist of the mainstream 'grunge' scene. None of the other players really seemed to like him very much or at best - like Courtney Love - developed a troubled love/hate relationship with him. Of his contemporaries, still recording and releasing music at the same level as they did back in their heyday, few have managed to maintain the same momentum, the same ethos or the same sound that they once had (Sonic Youth, you're off the hook).

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Smashing Pumpkins, That's The Way Single Review

Smashing Pumpkins
That's The Way
Single Review

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Smashing Pumpkins, Zeitgeist, Album Review

Smashing Pumpkins
Album Review

In the year of the comebacks, it was the Pumpkins one which got any self-respecting alternative rocker really excited. It's different to most of the others, like The Police, and The Eagles (CASH COWS!) or Spinal Tap (A JOKE BAND!) or the Spice Girls (BOTH!) because rather than just a lengthy world tour where they would have their devotees over a barrel, paying through their collective nose for overpriced tickets and merchandise, there would be an album of new material as well, and here it is, Zeitgeist.

Well, it would be a bit of a stretch to call this a Smashing Pumpkins record really, as only Corgan and Chamberlain remain from the classic line-up, it could just as easily be called a Billy Corgan solo album. That said, the wailing, heavy metal guitars and OTT production means this sounds quintessentially Pumpkins, Jimmy Chamberlain's drums also sound mightily impressive. The trouble is, while this may have that Smashing Pumpkins 'sound', it lacks any of the classic songwriting or sheer inventiveness of their peak, attributes that were abundant on Mellon Collie.

Songs start off with great ides or riffs, 'Bleeding the Orchid' being an example, but they are stretched on until they become interminable. Similarly, 'United States' tries to be ominous and atmospheric, but ultimately falls flat under the weight of its own pretentiousness.

It's not all doom and gloom though, 'Tarantula', wisely chosen as the lead-off single, is a triumphant glam stomper, worthy of a place in the Corgan canon. Also, 'That's the Way (My Love Is)' is a welcome relief from the oppressive murkiness that hangs over the album, and sounds more like Corgan and Chamberlains now defunct, Pumpkins-on-Prozac band, Zwan. In this case that is no bad thing.

When the Smashing Pumpkins grace the stage at this year's Carling Weekend,
you can bet your bottom dollar the crowd won't be screaming for tracks from

Ben Davis


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