Soul legend Smokey Robinson has made history by becoming the first African-American artist to put out an album through U.S. restaurant chain Cracker Barrel.
The chain famously offers up exclusive country music releases to its customers - but Robinson is thrilled to become the artist to break the colour barrier.
He tells, "I'm the first black artist they've ever done. It's like a milestone for me and for them. They're trying to dispel their image of being bigots and all that stuff. They've had that image and they're not really like that.
"I went to Nashville, which is their headquarters, and their employees and hiring practices are very diverse. But they started out being just a white thing."
Robinson's new Cracker Barrel exclusive, Now and Then, features six tracks from his 2009 album Time Flies When You're Having Fun, as well as six live renditions of classic tunes such as I Second That Emotion and The Tracks of My Tears.