Smokey Robinson decided to keep his version of Jackson 5 classic I WANT YOU BACK as a secret track on his new album because he didn't want to be accused of exploiting the death of Michael Jackson.
The soul legend re-recorded the 1969 song for Time Flies When You're Having Fun before Jackson died last June (09), and Robinson wanted to keep it on the disc in honour of his late pal.
But the 69 year old made sure the track was "hidden".
He explains, "It's the first record the Jackson 5 made when they came to Motown. I always loved that song and I always wanted to make an adult version. It was for Michael to hear. Then he died.
"I loved Michael very much, Michael was my brother. I hadn't talked with Michael in, like, 10 years but we had a great relationship.
"His death was a tremendous shock, an unbelievable thing to find out. I didn't want people to think I was exploiting the fact that he'd died so it became a hidden track."