Snoop Dogg has reportedly banked more than £5 million since he landed a Just Eat advertising deal.

The 48-year-old rapper has shot a new advert for the takeaway company, in which he stars as a delivery driver and changes up the catchy 'Did somebody say Just Eat' jingle.

A music insider said: ''Snoop has banked over £5 million since he landed the deal.

''It's easy money and the adverts have proved a hit with audiences.

''Snoop is a legendary character so the negotiation took time and plenty of cash.''

The takeaway brand is said to have received a ''massive boost'' thanks to the new Snoop ad.

The insider added to The Sun newspaper's Bizarre column: ''But having him on board has not only driven sales, it's given the brand a massive boost.

''People have been going mad for it on social media, it's easily Just Eat's most successful advert.

''The campaign will be rolled out across Europe and Australia this month and there have been some discussions about North America too.''

Snoop recently admitted it was felt the Just Eat jingle ''needed an upgrade'', so he was enlisted to help out.

In a behind-the-scenes video, he said: ''People said it could never be done: A Just Eat track that you can get down to.

''It was a great track, it had it's run, it did a great job.

''But it needed an upgrade, that's why they brought me in, you know, to put some spice on it.''

Snoop is no stranger to putting his face to companies, having previously done so for PigOut Pigless Pork Rinds, Burger King and Dunkin' Donuts.