One of music's unlikeliest collaborations has just released a music video.

The South Korean sensation, PSY, teams up with rap legend Snoop Dogg to deliver a non-stop partying music video for their latest track 'Hangover.'

PSY's latest music video is becoming a viral hit

Since the clip, which is just over 5 minutes long, debuted on Sunday (June 8th), it has already become a viral triumph with over 15 million views on YouTube at this time.

The contrasting pair can be seen drinking, dancing and celebrating, until they cannot take it anymore...but only to do it all over again.

Snoop Dogg's effortless, relaxed rap style works great opposite a much more hyper and energetic PSY.

Watch the 'Hangover' music video here

The music video begins with the 'Gangnam Style' singer vomiting in a toilet, most likely from too much drinking, but only moments later Snoop appears form another stall to kick-star the party once again.

The recording artists each down shots, and dance with much older women, who start to become more attractive once the beer goggles take over. And as the chorus repeats it "ain't over," the party continues, with Snoop rapping, "I can't stop, I can't quit/ I wake up in the morning and do the same s--."

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Snoop and PSY cause light-hearted chaos and are quite successful in their attempts to amuse viewers, but the length of the video could cause some fans to think it went on just took long. Only time will tell if 'Hangover' will be as successful as the 'Gangnam Style', which is now the most watched YouTube clip ever.

Snoop Dogg
Snoop features on the South Korean's latest track

So how was this bizarre partnership formed?

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It was pretty simple actually. While the par both appeared on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' to debut the music video, Psy told the chat show host, "So I called [Snoop], and I said 'can you feature on my song?' and he said 'what is the title of the song?' and I said' Hangover."

That is all the information the rap star needed as he replied, "I'm doing it."