Snoop Dogg opened up about his top favourite rappers of all time during an interview on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' this week, and regaled his audience with the story of his parasailing vacation with his late friend Tupac Shakur. Plus, he reveals the name of his very first track.

Snoop Dogg at 'Grow House' premiereSnoop Dogg at 'Grow House' premiere

The 45-year-old rapper may be a huge influence on emerging hip hop artists, but what about the masters that inspired Snoop Dogg in the first place? He revealed to Jimmy Kimmel who first sparked his interest in rap culture when he was just a young kid.

'The first artist that made me love rap music was an artist named Jimmy Spicer, he had a song called 'Super Rhymes'', said Snoop, who has actually sampled a part of the old school rapper's song 'Money (Dollar Bill Y'all)' for his own 2011 song 'Eyez Closed'. The first song that he wrote himself when he was 11 or 12-years-old was called 'I'm A Poet', though he confesses that in hindsight it was 'garbage'. 

Meanwhile, asked who were his top three greatest rappers of all time, he cited Slick Rick, Ice Cube and, of course, himself. But what of his good friend Tupac Shakur whose posthumous persona he inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame earlier this year? He recalled the story of his South American vacation with the later rapper, which he first told at the event. 

'We went to some island somewhere in South America, we just wanted to get away', Snoop told Jimmy. 'I just won my murder case and he had just bailed out so we wanted to go somewhere just to get away and Suge [Knight]took us parasailing.

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'We was riding on a boat, we didn't know what parasailing was, we're just riding on a boat sitting next to each other, and then all of sudden we started flying in the air and the boat started separating away from us and they dropped us in the water, and we was like: 'Hold on, man, there could be sharks or anything down there! Get us back up!' and they just kept playing games with us.'