Snow Patrol have warned their fans about their new sound.

The 'Chasing Cars' hitmakers - made up of singer Gary Lightbody, bassist Paul Wilson, drummer Jonny Quinn, Nathan Connolly and keyboardist Tom Simpson - say their supporters might be "surprised" with the direction their new music is heading in and advise keeping an open mind.

Speaking about their unreleased material, guitarist Nathan Connolly said: "They're all very different from each other. They will always be rooted in strong melody and Gary's lyrics. They sound like Snow Patrol but presented slightly differently. I think I'd rather let people make up their own mind. I think some people might be surprised. Some people might just think it's normal. I think it's different."

The 'Run' band also plan to mix-up their hit tracks when they perform on their upcoming tour.

The 28-year-old musician explained: to BBC Newsbeat "We want to change it up. We're going to rearrange all the songs and try them in a different way. There's strings, brass, maybe a small choir. We're going to try and do things differently. We want to try and mess with the songs and see. If people are wanting to come and hear the hits the way they are I guess they need to be warned.

"But we have Gary and his voice, no matter what kind of musical direction we'll take, we'll always make it sound like Snow Patrol."