Ex-So Solid Crew rapper ROMEO slashed a knife at a man during a "savage" road rage brawl, a London court heard yesterday (13JUN05).

The 21 SECONDS TO GO star, real name MARVIN DAWKINS, his older brother JULIAN DAWKINS, and friends THOMAS ENGOLA and DARREN MOORE are said to have attacked EJAY ARMSTRONG with knives, a chair, a belt and a metal crutch.

The attack is alleged to have happened in the early hours of 8 August last year (04) following an altercation in the British capital's Chinatown district, when the exit to a car park was blocked.

Armstrong was slashed across the face with a knife in the ensuing fight after he used his car horn to encourage the driver of the car in front, DARREN MOORE, to move out of his way, prosecutor SARAH FORSHAW told Southwark Crown Court.

She said, "The driver was unwise enough to beep his horn to say, 'Come on, get out of here.' Mr Moore took offence, he armed himself and approached the blue car with four passengers. It's as simple and sad as that.

"Mr Moore then realised these four were not simply going to run away...

He got on his mobile phone to the occupants of the silver BMW car that had left moments before."

Forshaw said Romeo, his brother and Engola then returned to the scene and a fight began.

She said: "One of those newly arrived pinned Mr Armstrong's arms while another removed his belt and proceeded to swing it at him.

"Mr Armstrong broke free and got his belt out and swung at them as well. The defendants piled in on him while Mr Moore swung a metal crutch, but missed.

"Mr Armstrong had fallen to the floor and when he got up he saw Marvin Dawkins was holding a knife. Mr Dawkin and his associates then attacked Armstrong from all sides.

"He remembers hits, kicks and punches. Marvin Dawkin was at least one of them who slashed at him with a knife."

All four defendants deny conspiracy to commit grievous bodily harm, wounding with intent and violent disorder.

The trial continues.

14/06/2005 03:17