Sofia Coppola is an opinionated director.

The 'Lost In Translation' director - whose father is legendary filmmaker Francis Ford Coppola - said although she doesn't believe in shouting at her actors, she is quite outspoken when she wants to be.

She explained: "I'm quite opinionated. I think you have to be as a director.

"I'm not a yeller though. I think I'm strong without having to be loud. I'm clear about what I'm setting out to do. And I'm persistent. You need that too as a director."

Stephen Dorff - who plays a bad boy actor who is forced to sober up when he receives a visit from his 11-year-old daughter in Sofia's new movie 'Somewhere' - agreed with her and added she is a director who has "balls".

He told British Vogue: "I love how she is so elegant but she has balls. She is sweet and casual and she never raises her voice but she knows exactly what she wants."