Sofia Coppola no longer consults her father for advice.

The filmmaker only showed her director dad Francis Ford Coppola her latest movie 'Somewhere' when it was complete, a contrast to her earlier films when she regularly questioned him on her progress.

She said: "I showed the final cut to him - I didn't want to show the film to him before it was finished. I was happy that he really appreciated it. He told me that it felt like a movie that only I could have made. I used to show him rough cuts and get his advice. But now I have got more experience."

'Somewhere' sees Stephen Dorff play a movie star who lives in a Los Angeles hotel, enjoying a meaningless existence until he has to look after his 11-year-old daughter from a previous relationship.

Though she insists the film is not about her own relationship with her dad, Sofia admits some of her childhood experiences inspired parts of the movie.

She said: "The father relationship is an important relationship for girls and it figures in my work.

"I definitely put a lot of memories of being around that age - from kid to teenager - and travelling with my dad, being in hotels and being in this adult world. He took us to places that kids don't usually go. For Example, when I was 16, we went to Cuba and met Fidel Castro. We went to Las Vegas and Reno. He usually wrote scripts in hotels there and I went with him. It's your first important relationship as a girl and it shapes you, growing up; I wanted to show the importance of that relationship."