Sofia Coppola has revealed that filming on her movie 'On The Rocks' just finished shooting before the coronavirus shutdown.

The 48-year-old filmmaker is helming Apple's first film project, which stars Bill Murray and Rashida Jones, and has revealed that she only just got all the scenes in the bag before the global health crisis ground the movie industry to a halt.

In an interview with Empire magazine, Sofia said: ''We finished post-production a week before everything got shut down.''

Sofia - who is the daughter of 'The Godfather' director Francis Ford Coppola - admits that it was strange watching the film now the world has been changed by the outbreak of the deadly respiratory disease.

She explained: ''It's weird, because we were watching it during our sound mix. Bill Murray and Rashida Jones play father and daughter and everybody's shaking hands in it and I was like, 'Argh!'

''It's so weird to look at it through the filter of right now.''

'The Beguiled' director revealed that she had to remove a scene where Bill's character, Felix, questions why Laura (played by Rashida) keeps washing her hands.

Sofia said: ''There's a part where Bull gives her a hard time for washing her hands so much and I was like, 'Oh my God, we need to cut this out!'

''It's weird looking at something that was made last summer and now it's a whole different world.''

The movie is expected to arrive on Apple TV+ later in 2020 and will see Sofia reuniting with Bill, 69, after the duo worked on the 2003 movie 'Lost in Translation'.

Sofia previously explained how she had written the part of Bob Harris for Bill and admitted making the flick was ''nerve-wracking'' as she had been determined to get the 'Groundhog Day' star on the project.

She said: ''It was really nerve-racking. We went to Tokyo and were spending money in the hope that he would show up. I don't even know how we got our financing without a contract.

''I was determined and probably spent a year trying to track him down. People were trying to give me other options but I was set that I wasn't going to make the movie if he wasn't doing it and I really wanted to make this movie, so I had to find him.''