Reports in Hollywood are suggesting that Sofia Coppola has signed up to direct an upcoming live action version of ‘The Little Mermaid’. What’s that? Sofia Coppola plus the 'Little Mermaid' and it's live action! This sounds like a recipe for something truly magnificent, even if we're not sure what excatly a Coppla helmed 'Little Mermaid' might look like.

Sofia Coppola is set to direct the 'Little Mermaid' reimaginingSofia Coppola is set to direct the 'Little Mermaid' reimagining

Ariel, or the ‘Little Mermaid’ is one of those Disney characters that everybody still has a lot of affection for, no matter how old they are. Maybe it was her fiery red hair or that great singing voice, or perhaps just that the movie’s a perfect piece of Disney magic. Either way the character’s endearing quality is such that any talk of a new screen outing for her is bound to be met with squeals of excitement. Now though, things have got even better.

There’s been buzz for a while that Universal were set to give the ‘Little Mermaid’ a live action remake. The first signs came over 3 years ago when Joe Wright was linked to the project as the director. Instead he’s turned his hand to another former Disney character reimagining the upcoming Peter Pan origin story 'Pan' telling the beginnings of the famous boy who never grew up.

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