Review of Rather Ripped Album by Sonic Youth

Sonic Youth
Rather Ripped
Album Review

Sonic Youth Rather Ripped Album

For a band to be able to get to the point in their career where they release their 21st album, whilst similarly being able to defy what is expected of them and once again show a new side to their character, is a feat of true genius.

Sonic Youth, the pioneers and influencers of so much of the left-field guitar music that we know and love return on this album that is instantly accessible, unlike perhaps some of their earlier works.

This is perhaps as close to a feel-good pop record as they will ever get, but by god it's close! This is quirky bubblegum stuff, but done the Sonic Youth way with a sense of real honesty, and dare it be said, enjoyment. The vocals still have that unmistakeable tonal quality, and the dissonant edges still lurk in the background, but this is a real landmark release for the now not-so-youthful crew. Delightful.

Richard Edge


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