The former Sonic Youth star let rip at Del Rey in her memoir, Girl in a Band, which was released last month (Feb15) and contained barbed remarks about the Summertime Sadness hitmaker's attitude towards feminism.

Now Gordon has trained her sights on the pop star again, criticising the controversial promo film for Del Rey's 2012 track Ride, in which she is shown simulating sex on a pinball machine and riding with a biker gang.

Gordon tell Mojo magazine, "Lana Del Rey - I really don't like her... Her comments about feminism: 'I'm a feminist. I believe women can do anything they want.' Yeah, of course. Anyone can do whatever they want. You still have to take responsibility for your personal actions as a female.

"Does she really think young musicians should burn up in flames? It's a dressing, a persona. I don't like the whole self-destructive thing. That video for Ride was so disturbing. I think she's weird and affected."