Review of Gilt Complex Single by Sons And Daughters

Sons And Daughters
Gilt Complex
Single Review

Sons And Daughters Gilt Complex Single

At first sounding like a bastardised re-working of the main riff from "Live and let Die" by Wings with organ accompaniment, the introduction of a driving bassline quickly gives the bird to any thoughts that Sons and Daughters are peddling a quirky pastiche for their latest single from their third album. "Gilt Complex" maintains a menacing and claustrophobic feel throughout, partly because of the relentless bass but largely due to the fact that the Glaswegian quartet are tight-as-a-nuns chuff.

Overall, the formula is pretty similar to fare on the previous long-player "The Repulsion Box" , and although I'm sure current fans will receive it with aplomb, I can't see it winning over many of us who haven't "got" the cut of Sons and Daughters jib yet. Keeping it in the family maybe? Hmm. However, much kudos for the cover of Seal's Killer which is brilliantly reworked.

Nick Kearns

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