Sophie Ellis-Bextor has confirmed she is expecting her fourth child. The 36-year-old singer announced the news on Twitter on Wednesday (20th May). Rumours about the singer's pregnancy began earlier this week when she appeared at the Lorraine's High Street Fashion Awards. Although her dress was deliberately baggy, Bextor's baby bump was still evident for all to see. 

Sophie Ellis BextorSophie Ellis-Bextor at the Lorraine's High Street Fashion Awards.

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Prior to appearing at the awards, Bextor was yet to allude to or confirm her pregnancy. However, after hearing the rumours, she took to Twitter to announce her happy news. 

'Hello all. Been finding it a bit nice-but-strange to be congratulated on a pregnancy I haven't actually announced yet...' Bextor wrote teasingly on Twitter. 

She soon followed up her statement with a picture of herself, wearing black dungarees and a grey and black polka dot top, from the side - sporting an obvious baby bump. She brought her husband, The Feeling bassist Richard Jones, in on the joke in the picture's caption. 

"What do you think, @thefeeling R? Is there a baby in there?" She captioned the picture.

Jones quickly responded, confirming they were expecting. Bextor provided further details in another joking response on Twitter. 

"Ah ok, cool! Mystery solved. Baby in autumn. Lovely! As you were," the Wanderlust singer tweeted.

Bextor and Jones have three children together. They have been married in 2005, a year after their first child was born. They have three sons: Sonny (age 11), Kit (age 6) and Ray Holiday (age 3). 

Congratulations to the Ellis-Bextor-Jones family!

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