Sophie Monk has been offered $1 million to pose nude for Playboy.

The Australian model-and-actress has been approached by the iconic men's magazine - which was founded by Hugh Hefner - to strip off in its pages and admits she is still unsure about whether or not to accept the offer.

She said: "I got offered Playboy - the cover, they're trying every angle to get me to do it. They're re-launching the whole thing and making it old-school again because it kind of lost it for me. When I was younger I was like, 'I want to be on Playboy.' My mum was a Playmate ... she was hot.

"They've offered me a million ... and it's negotiable how much you show. I don't know, though. Some people are like, 'No.' My agents, they said it could stop me getting movies."

If she does decide to strip off for the magazine, Sophie - who has posed nude before - will go all out and show her entire body.

Speaking on The Kyle & Jackie O Show on Australian radio station 2Day FM, she said: "It's Playboy, no one wants to see me clothed. It's boobs and a little bit of...

"I've done a movie as not myself for like $2.50 showing my boobs, but being me naked selling magazines for men to get excited over is a different story for me, personally."