Rumours are circling that Soulja Boy and Chris Brown are planning to settle their recent online feud in the boxing ring, with a match allegedly set up in Dubai. Legally, this fight can't take place in the US so that's why they're going overseas.

Soulja BoySoulja Boy to fight Chris Brown in Dubai ring?

It seems these musicians' hatred for each other has not affected their ability to spot a financial opportunity where there is one. According to TMZ, the fight will be broadcast on a Pay-Per-View network, which means they both could earn a fortune from the event (which will end any future arguments about who's got the most money, probably). Sources say they originally wanted to take it to Las Vegas, but that is no longer possible by law. 

There is also news that some of the proceeds will be donated to charity, though nothing has been confirmed yet. In fact, there isn't even a date in place so far. Their beef started when Soulja Boy liked an Instagram photo of Chris Brown's ex Karrueche Tran, and then told his Twitter followers that Chris had called him and threatened him.

Their exchange has gone back and forth over social media since then, with Chris denying that he ever phoned Soulja Boy, but listing off several threats and insults nonetheless. In a video that Soulja Boy shared on Instagram, Mike Tyson was seen expressing his support for Chris.

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'I'm training Chris, he chose me as his trainer, to take on Soulja Boy', he said. 'I'm gonna teach him every dirty trick in the book to knock you out. Because I'm not gonna teach him how to run.'

Floyd Mayweather has been promoting the fight on his own social media pages through The Money Team and Mayweather Promotions. Meanwhile, Soulja Boy has been quite relaxed about the whole thing. 'I just want everybody to know, man, Chris is my brother. Brothers fight, friends fight. And after the fight they shake hands and keep it moving', he said in a recent video. 'We just promoting the fight, that's all we doing.'


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