On Tuesday (13Oct15), the Crank That (Soulja Boy) star posted a message on Snapchat , which read: "I'm going to die soon. I enjoyed my life."

The message, which accompanied a photo of the rapper's swimming pool, did not come with an explanation - and left fans and some friends scurrying for updates about the star's mental health.

The hip-hop star has now apologised for worrying his fans.

"Just Wanna say Sorry to My Family Friends & Supporters for my comment Yesterday," a message on Instagram.com reads. "I was just Stressed out going thru Some things & had A lot on my mind."

He adds, "This Life This Fame is overwhelming at times and people tend to Forget we have Feelings Worries & Problems just Like Everyone else. But Im Good Have no Worries, Im Blessed & going to continue to Striving For Greatness (sic)."