Rapper Soulja Boy spent part of his Independence Day (04Jul13) holiday fighting to regain control of his email and social networking accounts after he was targeted by hackers.

The Crank That (Soulja Boy) hitmaker discovered he had been locked out of his pages on YouTube.com and Twitter.com, as well as his Gmail inbox, on Thursday morning, and wasted no time in contacting site officials to reset his login details and he was back online within hours.

He shared a screen shot of his Twitter page alerting him to an unauthorised password change with followers and wrote, "Damn I got hacked on the 4th of july".

However, he refused to let the incident mar his celebrations and added, "Turnin up at my party today, even tho my gmail/youtube is hacked I dont give a f**k no more (sic)..."

Soulja Boy has become an easy victim for cyber criminals - he also had a number of accounts hacked in March (13).