Rapper Soulja Boy has broken his silence about the car accident he was involved in on Saturday (23Jun12), blaming the other motorist for the collision.
Reports initially suggested the Crank That (Soulja Boy) hitmaker's bodyguard had been behind the wheel of the star's red Bentley when the car allegedly crossed into another lane and hit a pregnant woman's vehicle as she waited at a red light in West Hollywood.
Los Angeles authorities have since launched an investigation into the incident and Soulja Boy has reached out to fans to explain his side of the story.
In a video posted on YouTube.com, Soulja Boy admits that he was the one driving the luxury vehicle at the time of the crash, but the rapper is adamant he was not at fault.
He explains, "(She) ran the light. Our light was green. We were going straight. She turned too fast, thought she was gonna make it, hit my car."
The 21 year old also claims the female driver was "racist" towards him after she reportedly accused the rapper of driving a "stolen vehicle".