Rapper Soulja Boy is a free man again after serving a few days behind bars on a gun charge.

The Crank That (Soulja Boy) hitmaker, real name DeAndre Way, shocked fans earlier this month (Feb14) by revealing he was heading to jail, less than a month after he was arrested in California for illegal possession of a loaded gun.

The 23 year old did not elaborate on the specific reasons for his sentence or the length of his punishment.

Speaking before he turned himself in to authorities, he insisted he wasn't afraid of jail, saying, "I ain't scared (sic). It just is what it is. I done been to jail before (sic), but not for this long of a time... So, it is what it is. I gotta deal with life...I've had a lot of success. I just look at this as a minor bump. I'll get focused back on the music after it's over with."

Soulja Boy checked into a detention centre on Thursday (20Feb14), but it appears he was granted an early release as he was back on his Twitter.com blog on Sunday (23Feb14).

He shared a photo of himself in a hotel room and, in a series of subsequent tweets, he wrote, "We Made It. Keep working."

He also retweeted a message from his rap protege Young Ayers, who celebrated the star's release by posting, "They let my n**ga out time to get back to work and turn the streets up".

As Wenn went to press, there was no information available surrounding Soulja Boy's brief jail term or the reasons for his release.

Way previously spent time behind bars following a 2011 arrest for felony drug and gun charges, while he was charged with obstruction of justice in 2009 after running from Georgia police during a video shoot in an abandoned building.