Review of Angels and Enemies Album by Sound Of Guns

In what could be construed as a possible attempt to conquer the arenas, Liverpudlian band Sound of Guns return with their second album, 'Angels and Enemies.' Produced by Dave Eringa it is the follow up to 'What Came From Fire'
Upon listening to Sound Of Guns it's plain to see the likes of U2 have been an influence as they set out on the road emulate the stadium fillers.

Sound Of Guns Angels and Enemies Album

'Sometimes' opens the album in an almost ballad like state before giving way to jagged guitar power chords. This leads into anthem like dynamics with the vocals of Andrew Metcalfe as he proclaiming 'I was born here, I will die here.'
Sadly at quite a few points in the album it is only Metcalfe's singing that salvages the songs as some tracks at best are unremarkable. This is particularly the case with 'Guide,' which is a real tough listen to get to the end of.

'Angels and Enemies' seems to be the sound of a band attempting to run before they can walk. The production and vocals clearly show where the band wants to go but all too often the quality of the music does not match that ambition.
Too many tracks see the band in full blown anthem mode without many moments of subtlety.


Shaun Kelly

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