Spandau Ballet star Gary Kemp credits his late father with his career success - because an unwanted Christmas gift pushed him into songwriting.
The 50 year old, who fronts the band with his brother Martin, was given a guitar at the age of 11 and admits the instrument was the last thing he wanted as a festive gift - but he soon learned to love it.
He says, "It was 1971 and I was expecting to wake up to some fabulous toy - I was like 11 - and instead I got this thing that smelt of furniture polish, this old scratched guitar, but my dad thought it was a great idea.
"I was very disappointed with that and I think I showed it, but within about a week I started to write a little tune. I found myself not wanting to play other people's songs but to write my own. And this thing kept me company - I was a bit of a loner and I didn't really play football as a kid. I just loved sitting in my bedroom playing a guitar."