Spandau Ballet want to challenge Oasis to a drinking contest.

The recently reformed band love partying on the road and believe they could easily beat Noel and Liam Gallagher - who are also famed for their wild behaviour - in any alcohol-fuelled challenge.

Drummer John Keeble said: "We can take on Oasis. They are nice boys, pussycats. We're real rock 'n' roll."

Bassist Martin Kemp added: "The longest stretch I've had is four days of no sleep, just being on the road partying. It goes with being in a great band and I've told my wife that. Let's be real, it'll be like we're 18 again."

The 'Gold' hitmakers have also revealed they insist on travelling with tequila on their tour bus.

Singer Tony Hadley said: "Everywhere we go we take a massive case of tequila we've called Slammer 1. It's been with Spandau since day one."

Guitarist Gary Kemp added to Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper: "We were in Montreal with the Beastie Boys. They heard we were hardcore so invited us for a drinking session on Jack Daniels. We kept going until one of them puked up, screaming for his mother.

"Another time, the night before we recorded for Band Aid, we had a drink-off with Duran Duran. Steve Norman was so plastered he had to be carried off in a stretcher."

Meanwhile, Tony has revealed he has been checking the band's lyrics on the internet ahead of their comeback shows in October.

He said: "I'm OK with classics like 'Gold' but for some songs I ask my wife to Google the lyrics. If I forget some on our new tour, I'll point the mic at the audience for our fans to sing. I'm sure they'll give me a ticking off if I forget though."