Spandau Ballet star Tony Hadley has waded into the phone hacking scandal in the U.K., branding voicemail interception "the most appalling thing you can do".
The '80s icon has been closely following the Leveson Inquiry, a public probe into media standards in the U.K., which was launched last year (11) in the wake of the News of the World eavesdropping furore.
And he's adamant that despite having sympathy with hacking victims, celebrities must accept scrutiny from the press as the price of life in the public eye.
Asked if he had been a victim of voicemail interception, Hadley tells Sky News, "Do you know, I'm so technically stupid I wouldn't know if I've been hacked or not, to be honest... We've all got our views on it, and it was the most appalling thing you can do... There's intrusive and there's intrusive, but what's going on with the Leveson Inquiry is disgusting, there's no other word for it really...
"You embrace the media, obviously - you need the media for people to be aware of you and you are going to come in for a bit of stick... That's going to happen if you're a pop star or a sports person, and you have to take it on the chin, but it does go a bit far sometimes."
Rupert Murdoch's British tabloid the News of the World was shuttered last year (11) after it emerged hundreds of celebrities had been targeted by a phone hacker working for the paper.