Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag want to move to Britain and start a family.

The couple - collectively known as 'Speidi' - have fallen in love with the UK since flying over to appear on reality TV show 'Celebrity Big Brother' and have hinted they may settle down and start a family in the British countryside.

Speaking about her admiration for Duchess Catherine - previously known as Kate Middleton - Heidi said: ''I could totally live here. We didn't like the boring British people we were in the house with but since we've been out we've really fallen in love with the country.

''I want to be posh like Princess Kate or Victoria Beckham.''

Heidi, 26, admits having children would be ''a dream'', but the couple - who have been married for four years - have put off starting their own family because Spencer, 29, is not yet ready.

Heidi told the Daily Star newspaper: ''For me, having children is the greatest experience in life but Spencer doesn't want them. My priority is my husband so now I choose our life instead of that experience.''

However, Spencer may be softening towards the idea, revealing: ''I think we could well end up having children, and they could be born in Britain. When Heidi keeps saying to me, 'Ooh, I love you', it's hard not to give in.

''Right now with the economy in a state it's not the best time. It's a challenge for us to even have good dinners and a good life. My sister is still helping out my sister, who is 30 years old has kids. Things will be different when I can secure the future for us.''