Spice Girls star Geri Halliwell is celebrating after Nepalese prime minister MADHAV KUMAR NEPAL vowed to improve women's rights - because the "cool" singer impressed him.
Halliwell travelled to south Asia earlier this month (Sep09) in her role as a United Nations goodwill ambassador.
She visited female citizens in south-west Nepal in a bid to raise awareness of gender-based violence facing women in the region.
The Wannabe hitmaker later met with ruling leader Kumar Nepal - and insists the trip will bring about change.
She says, "He was really cool - forward thinking. He wants to educate women and look after their maternal health.
"My presence apparently gave the confidence for that new prime minister to speak out about violence against women because there was a western presence there. Suddenly he thought, 'Okay, this is cool to do it'. It was having that diplomacy and saying 'We can learn from each other', basically."