Former Spice Girls star Geri Halliwell is happy to be out of the music industry - insisting a career in pop should be left to "younger people".
The 36-year-old star quit the famous band in 2008 to launch her own solo career, releasing three of her own albums before heading back to the girlgroup for their 2007-08 reunion.
But the band split for a second time at the end of their mammoth world tour - and Halliwell is adamant that she won't be releasing any more music, because the industry is centred around more youthful stars.
She tells Britain's Red magazine, "Everybody has their moment and their time. Let somebody else have a crack at it. There are younger people around now. I didnt want to have to stay young in order to sell records. And I didnt want to have to rely on my looks. I dont want to say never, though. Who knows? I could do a record when Im 60."