Former Spice Girls star Mel B challenged ex-bandmate Geri Halliwell over her decision to quit the girl group in 1998 during a recent Tv interview after Hello Ross! host Ross Matthews revealed he had been cheated out of seeing all the ladies on tour.

The presenter told his guest that the Spice Girls was his first concert - but he was disappointed with Ginger Spice Halliwell left the band just before their U.S. tour.

Mel B, real name Melanie Brown, snarled, "What a b**tch!" and then offered to call her pal and demand an explanation after Matthews joked that Scary Spice should reimburse him a fifth of what he paid for a ticket to see all five Spice Girls.

The pop star dashed off the set to pick up her cellphone and called Halliwell, who picked up and asked, "Hello, is that Ross...? How are you?"

The Tv personality lost his nerve when he heard the pop star's voice and instead of reprimanding her for quitting the band, he asked her to drop by his Friday night show when it returns for a second season in the new year (14). Halliwell agreed.

After hanging up, Mel B insisted she and her bandmates are all still the best of friends, adding, "I'm always championing for us to get back together."