Former Spice Girls star Melanie Brown poured her own cash into recording sessions for her comeback single.

The singer released a one-off track, For Once In My Life, last year (13) and its success has encouraged her to get back in the studio to make a follow-up to her 2005 album L.A. State of Mind.

Brown has now revealed she funded the creation of her comeback track herself, telling Britain's Ok magazine, "I decided I wanted to do more music after taping America's Got Talent (in 2013). I actually got in the studio that night, recorded the song and released it eight days later. We did it all in-house and I funded it myself, so I only had myself to answer to."

Brown is now hoping to find time to record a whole album, adding, "It's just about finding a beat that I like and taking time out to do it. Sometimes it's a two-second process and sometimes it's a two-week process. You have to find the right producers and co-writers, then the good ones are always busy."