Is this Spice Girls 20th anniversary reunion happening or not? That's what fans want to know as the summer quickly approaches. And it seems while Emma Bunton is thrilled at the idea, it's still up in the air whether they'll be able to bring Victoria Beckham on board.

Spice GirlsWill the Spice Girls get together again?

No doubt about it, the Spice Girls marked a milestone in British pop as the first modern girlband and a paragon of feminism, individuality and patriotism. And so in a world where we struggle to let go of the past, the idea of missing out on a 20th anniversary reunion for such an important group is a crushing disappointment for a lot of people. 

While it seems most of the girls would be up for reteaming for a special show this summer - something that Mel B is putting a lot of effort into - Beckham (formerly known as Posh Spice) isn't overly fond of the idea. It's understandable too, given that she's spent the last two decades building a lucarative and highly respectable fashion career. But after Mel B's (aka Scary Spice) recent comments about her, is there too much animosity amongst the girls to reunite anyway?

'She's just a little bit of a b***h to people', Mel B said in a podcast via Digital Spy. To her credit, she did try and dilute the suggestion by adding: 'But she's very down to earth, with a great sense of humour.' However, she even went on to insult her other bandmates by summarising: 'I think between the five of us, we're all b***hes.'

What, even Baby Spice? Emma Bunton talked enthusiastically about the prospect of a reunion in an interview with the Telegraph. Though she was a little nicer about her fellow bandmates. 'We adore each other. There's so much we've been through. I would love to do something', she said. 'I think we'd all quite like to do something, but it really is figuring it out. We all have such different lives.'

In any case, Bunton is still friendly with Beckham with the latter even asking her to choose a dress for her 40th birthday this year. 'I'm very lucky because I know the fun, sarcastic, brilliant other side to her', she said.

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According to recent reports in Closer, Beckham might be scared into joining the fun anyway after Mel B's comments. A so-called insider told the publication: 'Victoria fired off a message to Mel saying: 'Please, please stop talking about me in interviews. If you're asked about me, just say it's been 15 years since we really spoke.'

'She tried to make it as non-confrontational as possible, but Mel didn't take it very well and now Victoria is freaking out that Mel's big mouth could ruin everything she's worked so hard to achieve.'

We're sure it would take more than a few barbed comments from Mel B to destroy Beckham's style empire, but then, revisiting one of the world's cheesiest pop bands wouldn't do much for her uber-serious image.