The Spice Girls reunited briefly last night, but not for one last show together. Victoria, Emma, Geri, Mel B and Mel C attended the premiere of the Viva Forever musical at the Piccadilly theatre in London.

Beneath the poppy surface, the musical looks like a serious production, featuring some big names in the business. Viva Forever was produced and written by Judy Craymer, who also worked on the infamous Mama Mia, with the help of comedian Jennifer Saunders. It stars West End veteran Sally Ann Tripplett, as well as newcomer Hannah John Carmen. After the show, the guests of honor gushed about the experience of hearing the songs they wrote sung by an all-star West End cast.

"We're so proud of this. Jennifer Saunders has written an incredible story and we have a wonderful cast. It's a great, great show," Mel C commented on the performance. The ladies, most of whom attended with their children, said that they hoped the musical would be a good way to introduce The Spice Girls’ music to a younger audience, but that they were mostly happy to have the opportunity for the long awaited reunion. "It's been an amazing year for us. It's so nice to be with the girls," Emma Burton said after the premiere.