The Spice Girls have banded together for the second time this year for the launch of Jennifer Saunders' new musical based around their many hits.

Viva Forever! is the new Mamma Mia!-esque West End production about a girl band on the way to becoming superstars on a reality show; a story that has a lot of the same feelings as the Spice Girls own story of stardom. Geri Halliwell, formerly known as Ginger Spice, said that she felt 'tearful' because of the feelings it brought up. Starring in the show is Hannah John-Kamen as 'Wannabe' star Viva and Sally Ann Triplett in the role of her mother. 

The show has received lukewarm reviews so far particularly from The Guardian and The Independent with Guardian reviewer Alexis Petridis saying: "The lyrics are required to drive the action on and the lyrics of Spice Girls songs are appalling." However, all those involved were pleased with the result; Saunders insists that she has enjoyed the whole experience. "It's a relief but I hope it won't stop now, because I've enjoyed it so much," she said. "I'll probably still call in every couple of weeks and hope they still know who I am." Melanie Chisholm, formerly Sporty Spice, thought that the Spice legacy was all down to their honesty in their music. "We really spoke from our hearts," she said. "We loved working together and writing music together, and we feel really lucky that people identified with us."