The Spice Girls' renaissance - which began with a performance at the London 2012 Olympics closing ceremony - has continued with the musical, Viva Forever! Of course, no musical premiere is complete without an after party, but did four of The Spice Girls give Posh Spice the cold shoulder?

"Victoria sat on her own table away from the rest of the girls. They didn't speak the whole time she was there," a source told Metro. "She came out of the loo singing Spice Girls songs to Romeo who went in after her,' said another source, "She was giggling with her friends while waiting for him to finish," they continued. "When the DJ played some Spice Girls hits, Posh was nowhere to be seen. Geri, Emma, Mel B and Mel C all got up to dance and tried to remember the moves to Spice Up Your Life, they didn't seem to care, or notice, Victoria was missing."

Mrs Beckham was widely criticised for her role in The Spice girls. People said she couldn't sing, dance or act, but that's really an accusation you could level at most modern pop starts, let alone the rest of the band; a band, which, according to Ginger Spice, isn't done yet. Geri told Heat magazine: "This is a great excuse for us all to have a party tonight! The musical was incredible, we all got really emotional watching it. I just want to see it again now. It was brilliant, it was emotional, funny, exciting, empowering... it was girl power!," adding, "we're going to be around for a long time. You haven't seen the last of us."