Spice Girls Fun Facts, Quotes and Tweets

8th February 2017

Tweet: "My baby boo @stephenthinks11 we have been through everything that would normally tear couples apart and we have come out on the other side stronger, you loved me before I even new how to really love myself, you are my world honey." Spice Girls star Melanie Brown, aka Mel B, gushes about her husband Stephen Belafonte as they near their 10-year wedding anniversary later this year (17).

28th December 2015

Quote: "It is our 20th anniversary and it would be rude not to celebrate so hopefully something will be happening pretty soon. I can't tell you what it is yet." British pop star Melanie Brown hints there will be a long-rumoured Spice Girls reunion to mark the group's 20th anniversary next year (16).

9th November 2015

Fact: Former Spice Girls star Melanie Brown will host the U.K. version of hit U.S. show Lip Sync Battle, which will be aired by British broadcaster Channel 5 in 2016.

15th September 2015

Quote: "I am hoping so! It's our 20th anniversary next year, so, once we decide, and get things going, then I'll be the first one yelling it from the rooftops!" Former Spice Girls star Mel B is hoping and praying for a 2016 reunion.

8th September 2015

Quote: "I can say that there's been talks. That's fair and honest." British pop singer GERI HALLIWELL, also known as Geri Horner, plays coy when asked about rumours of an impending Spice Girls reunion in 2016.

2nd August 2015

Quote: "She's like, being the champion of this. She's like, 'Mum, you girls have to do Coachella. I'm like, 'Why Coachella?' She's like, 'Cause I'm 16 and I want to take my friends to Coachella... and get the VIP treatment.' I don't think she's much bothered about us performing, it's about her going to Coachella with her friends. But I want us to get back together, I think we should. It's been 20 years, it's about time." British pop star Melanie Brown has found a new champion for her continued campaign for a Spice Girls reunion in her teenage daughter Phoenix. The Wannabe hitmakers will mark their 20th anniversary next year (16).

30th June 2015

Fact: Ex-Spice Girls Emma Bunton, Melanie Chisholm and newlywed Geri Horner were among the stars who checked out Taylor Swift's concert in Hyde Park, London on Saturday night (27Jun15).

18th April 2015

Quote: "Next year is our 20th anniversary so we'll see. Maybe we'll do something. Who knows? We talk a lot and we text and we Facetime. I was just Facetiming Geri (Halliwell) the other day, she's about to get married so we're going to go over to England for her wedding." Mel B reveals the Spice Girls are planning to reunite at Geri Halliwell's upcoming wedding.

15th March 2015

Tweet: "Happy Mother's Day @PaulineBunton the most important lady in my life and she's the true meaning of women power!!!!" Former Spice Girls star Emma Bunton pays tribute to her mum on Britain's Mother's Day on Sunday (15Mar15).

5th January 2015

Tweet: "Happy New Year! Bit late but first proper day innit (sic). Anyone doing #dryJan? It's my first". Former Spice Girls star Melanie Chisholm is attempting to kickstart the New Year with a month of sobriety.

11th October 2014

Fact: Former Spice Girls star Melanie Brown will co-host the 2014 Music of Black Origin (MOBO) Awards alongside Tv presenter Sarah-Jane Crawford. The ceremony will be held at SSE Arena, Wembley in London on 22 October (14).

11th September 2014

Fact: Former Spice Girls star Mel B and model Heidi Klum have teamed up to tape a performance of The Weather Girls' gay anthem It's Raining Men with Muppet Miss Piggy for U.S. Tv show America's Got Talent.

2nd July 2014

Tweet: "So excited to be at Shepperton Studios recording my voice for a new Disney movie!!! It's only 3 words but my kids are super excited!" Former Spice Girls star Emma Bunton reveals she's part of an unnamed new Disney movie.

5th May 2014

Quote: "The girls always try to set me up with men but we haven’t had any success. There have been a couple of occasions but I'm a too busy being a mum and working... I don’t think I could try internet dating. Maybe I should set one up called Groucho." Former Spice Girls star Melanie Chisholm admits her former bandmates constantly attempt to help her find love. The singer has a five-year-old daughter with her ex-partner, Thomas Starr.

18th April 2014

Fact: Former Spice Girls star Victoria Beckham celebrated her 40th birthday on Thursday (17Apr14) by hiking around the rim of the Grand Canyon in Arizona with her family. The pop star-turned-fashion icon posted a shot of herself relaxing on Twitter.com and captioned the shot, "Magical day hiking the Grand Canyon with my babies."

4th April 2014

Fact: Actress Emma Stone's Spice Girls obsession is so great she can forge the band members' autographs. The Amazing Spider-Man star, who grew up worshipping the 90's girl group, showed off her odd skills during an appearance on U.S. late night show Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Thursday (03Apr14). Stone said, "Why am I doing this...? Do you think they're gonna be creeped out that I know their signatures this well."

31st March 2014

Quote: "We've talked about it. Victoria doesn't want to, which we completely understand. We are so proud of her and her incredible foray into fashion; it's incredible what she's achieved as a designer. The four of us could consider it maybe. We have Victoria's blessing to do that." Spice Girls star Melanie Chisholm insists a reunion as a quartet isn't impossible. The girls are reportedly considering a deal to tour the U.K. with the Backstreet Boys.

18th March 2014

Quote: "I was just in London and we all had tea together. It was a private tea, nobody saw us, but we talked about our kids and regular stuff, like what we've been working on." Melanie Brown is still good friends with her Spice Girls bandmates.

18th February 2014

Quote: "I think what gave me confidence in myself was meeting the other girls. We always said we were all like rejects in our own way. We had to work hard, and they helped me accept me for who I was." Former Spice Girls star Victoria Beckham on the power and confidence she gained during her tenure in the iconic girl group.

13th February 2014

Quote: "I had a great time being in the Spice Girls, I really did. But fashion was always my passion. I'm living a dream, and every morning I wake up and pinch myself. Right now is where I really feel comfortable, and I believe that I'm competing in an arena where actually, I'm good at it. I was never going to be the best singer, or the best dancer, and that was okay." Former Spice Girls star Victoria Beckham has no intention of reforming the pop group as she has her sights set on a career in fashion.

12th December 2013

Quote: "I would hate for that to happen, but I mean, who knows?" Melanie Brown is not keen on the idea of a Spice Girls reunion without Victoria Beckham after the singer-turned-fashion designer insisted she is too busy to consider another live trek with her former bandmates.

10th December 2013

Fact: Former Spice Girls star Geri Halliwell has landed a cameo on U.K. Tv comedy series Trollied. The pop star will play herself in the upcoming Christmas episode of the show, which is set in a supermarket and stars Jane Horrocks and Mark Addy. The episode will air in the U.K. on Christmas Eve (24Dec13).

26th September 2013

Quote: "I kissed all of them. I got my tongue pierced and wanted to try out my tongue piercing and so I kissed them all." Former Spice Girls star Mel B admits she locked lips with her bandmates to try out her tongue stud.

18th September 2013

Fact: Former Spice Girls star Mel B's saucy new video features a scene in which the Wannabe singer smooches a mirror image of herself. The pop star debuted the For Once In My Life promo online on Wednesday (18Sep13). The video was shot on the former set of Wisteria Lane in Desperate Housewives.

15th September 2013

Quote: "I'm hoping in the next year or two. When everybody's cleared their diary a little bit." Melanie Brown is keeping her fingers crossed about a possible Spice Girls reunion in the near future. They previously reunited to perform at the closing ceremony of the 2012 London Olympics last summer (12).

13th September 2013

Quote: "The Vmas are meant to be quite shocking, so if you don't want your kids to watch it, don't. I really like Miley Cyrus, she did exactly what she wanted to do, she got everybody talking about it." Former Spice Girls star Melanie Brown has some simple advice for parents who don't approve of the young singer's headline-grabbing performance at the MTV Video Music Awards last month (Aug13). The 20 year old caused controversy with her sexually-suggestive facial expressions and raunchy dance moves as she collaborated with Robin Thicke on his hit Blurred Lines.

5th July 2013

Quote: "It was when I was seven or eight. I wanted to be Emma Bunton. She was so, so cute. I had a friend called Ellie and we would fight because she had blonde hair. So she thought she should get to be Emma and I said my name was Emma. This went on for months." Harry Potter star Emma Watson was a huge fan of the Spice Girls as a child.

16th June 2013

Tweet: "The Killers, Dub step, DnB, Bumper cars, Silent disco, cartwheels and ninja rolls! All in one night!" Former Spice Girls star Emma Bunton was one of the revellers enjoying Britain's Isle of Wight Festival on Saturday (15Jun13). The Killers, Bloc Party, Bonnie Raitt and Bastille were among the acts who played Day Two of the annual music event.

2nd May 2013

Tweet: "I am totally gutted that our wonderful show is coming to an end. Thank you to all our amazing fans for your constant support!" Former Spice Girls star Emma Bunton expresses her sadness following news the band's West End musical Viva Forever! is to close eight months early in June (13).

17th April 2013

Tweet: "Thank you for all your messages! Having a special day with my boys and Harper." Former Spice Girls star Victoria Beckham is spending her 39th birthday on Wednesday (17Apr13) with her four children.

17th April 2013

Tweet: "Victoria Beckham hey birthday girl, have a lovely day!!" Emma Bunton sends her best wishes to her former Spice Girls bandmate Victoria Beckham on her 39th birthday on Wednesday (17Apr13).

25th March 2013

Tweet: "I just slipped over on my bum (butt) walkin and texting, I hope nobody saw!" Former Spice Girls star Geri Halliwell suffers a slip.

24th March 2013

Quote: “I was a little bit disappointed by the reviews and thought they were unfair. The show is so much fun, the audiences love it and it is taking bookings until February next year.” Melanie Chisholm was upset about the mauling the Spice Girls musical Viva Forever! received from critics when it opened last year (12).

6th March 2013

Quote: "We were on tour during the Olympics but I saw some bits on telly (Tv). There were some horrifying bits, like The Spice Girls. That really didn't do the place justice. That was the most horrifying bit. It was just horrible." Kasabian rocker Tom Meighan was not a fan of the SPICE GIRLS' performance at the closing ceremony of the 2012 London Olympics.

20th February 2013

Fact: Spice Girls musical Viva Forever! has extended its West End run until February 2014. The news silences rumours the show was to face an early closure due to slow ticket sales.

12th January 2013

Tweet: "Happy birthday Melanie C gorgeous girl! Love you loads!" Emma Bunton sends her best wishes to former Spice Girls bandmate Melanie Chisholm as she turns 39 on Saturday (12Jan13).

18th December 2012

Quote: "I would love to be Posh. I mean, she's fabulous, I feel like people have figured out she's actually really smart and kind of in on the joke, people adore her in America. She's the most fabulous girl and what a talent. I think she's one of the most exciting designers in fashion right now." Anne Hathaway is a big fan of singer-turned-designer Victoria Beckham, known as Posh Spice during her time with girl band the Spice Girls.

10th December 2012

Quote: "The thing is with Victoria, she fell in love with David and became part of a high-profile celebrity couple. There were advantages to it... I'm sure they yearn for privacy but to their credit, they never complain. And it's not like anybody except them knows what happens behind closed doors." Melanie Chisholm praises her Spice Girls bandmate Victoria Beckham for maintaining her long marriage to sports star David Beckham.

6th December 2012

Tweet: "Show going well in previews. Thank God they didn't take up my offer to choreograph. There's pretty fancy moves in it and singing." Jennifer Saunders is pleased with positive feedback after early showings of her Spice Girls musical Viva Forever! in London. The British comedienne incorporated the girl group's greatest hits into the production.

31st August 2012

Quote: "I don't know what's going on. I know they get on really well. I'll have to quiz her on that one, the cheeky little minx!" Melanie Chisholm is unsure if reports her Spice Girls bandmate Geri Halliwell is dating Russell Brand are true.

29th August 2012

Quote: "I do have an ambition to work on Broadway in a musical. I'd love to play the role of Evita." Spice Girls star Melanie Chisholm has New York stage ambitions after winning acclaim in Blood Brothers in the West End in 2010.

27th August 2012

Quote: "Scarlet, Bluebell and Beau get on very well. There's such an age range now, the older ones look after the little ones, so we can just drink wine!" Melanie Chisholm is delighted her daughter Scarlet gets along well with her former Spice Girls bandmates' Geri Halliwell's little girl and Emma Bunton's son.

21st August 2012

Fact: Pop star Melanie Chisholm has released a clip of a duet she's recorded with her ex-Spice Girls bandmate Emma Bunton. The singers performed a cover of I Know Him So Well for Chisholm's upcoming album Stages, which is set for release next month (Sep12).

21st August 2012

Quote: "Emma had so much fun at the closing ceremony she'd love the group to re-form. I've started a petition. I've got people signing it, all our friends and family. I want to give it to the other girls." Singer Emma Bunton's ex-boyband star partner Jade Jones hopes her group, the Spice Girls, will reform following their performance at the London Olympics closing ceremony earlier this month (Aug12).

16th August 2012

Quote: “It was lovely. Those four girls mean everything to me. We had such an amazing time. We were hanging out in the dressing room all day because we had to get there at 10am on Sunday morning. We had a great time... we were just hanging out, playing music and gossiping with each other. It was a lovely, proper girlie time." Melanie Brown had fun reuniting with her Spice Girls bandmates for a performance at the Olympics Closing Ceremony on Sunday (12Aug12).

15th August 2012

Quote: "I never ever thought we'd get back together, but we did in 2007/2008. I'm really glad we did because it was brilliant and I really enjoyed it. There's absolutely nothing to say we wouldn't do it again at some point in the future." Melanie Chisholm is open to reuniting with the Spice Girls again following their performance at the London Olympics Closing Ceremony on Sunday (12Aug12).

6th August 2012

Tweet: "Happy Birthday to my beautiful friend. Hope you have a fantastic day!" Melanie Chisholm sends her best wishes to her former Spice Girls bandmate Geri Halliwell on her 40th birthday on Monday (06Aug12).

16th July 2012

Quote: "I was really disappointed. David has done so much work helping win the bid for the Games. He's been so involved in everything up to this point, so it seems a terrible shame that he won't actually be playing for Team GB." Former Spice Girls star Melanie Chisholm is sad her bandmate Victoria Beckham's soccer star husband David has been left out of the the 2012 London Olympics.

5th July 2012

Tweet: "me and hubby are thinking about learning french, is it hard to do?" Former Spice Girls star Melanie Brown is considering learning a new language. Earlier this week (beg02Jul12) she told of her desire to move to Paris, France.

13th June 2012

Fact: British singer Geri Halliwell gave students at Oxford University an insight into her time in the Spice Girls as well as her solo career during a speech at the prestigious U.K. institution on Monday (11Jun12).

24th February 2012

Quote: "I've met Madonna a few times. She once called me in my hotel room to invite me for dinner - I was convinced it was one of the girls winding me up. I'm a bit useless in her company, being such a fan. I think I may even have offended her once - oops." Former Spice Girls star Melanie Chisholm failed to make a good impression on the Queen of Pop.

12th December 2011

Quote: "When I was pregnant, I just wanted to get lots and lots of animals for some reason. We talked about cats, but David said absolutely not!" Former Spice Girls star Victoria Beckham had an unusual craving - for pets - while pregnant with her daughter Harper Seven.

25th November 2011

Fact: Former Spice Girls star Emma Bunton has landed a cameo on the upcoming U.K. Christmas special of cult British comedy Absolutely Fabulous. The show's star Jennifer Saunders wrote three new episodes of the TV hit to air over the festive holiday next month (Dec11).

17th October 2011

Quote: "We live an exciting life and we like to let off a bit of steam. It keeps the marriage spiced up and alive. The ladies look good and I tipped them well and so did my husband." Former Spice Girls star Melanie Brown visits strip clubs with her husband Stephen Belafonte.

3rd September 2011

Tweet: "My daughter Phoenix wants to pick her sister's baby name, so fingers crossed she picks a good one!!" New mum Melanie Brown has turned to her 12-year-old daughter Phoenix Chi for help naming her newborn. The former Spice Girls star gave birth to her third child on Thursday (01Sep11).

18th July 2011

Tweet: "She's gorgeous, just like her Mum x x x" Singer Melanie Chisholm is smitten after seeing pictures of her former Spice Girls bandmate Victoria Beckham's new baby daughter, Harper Seven.

13th June 2011

Quote: "I'm not sure that would work - I'm not really a fan (of the Spice Girls). I'd rather do a Jessie J episode. And I'm hoping to convince Harrison Ford to have a cameo." Actor Matthew Morrison would love a tribute to Jessie J, rather than the Spice Girls, in future Glee episodes.

10th May 2011

Tweet: "Congratulation Emma, Jade and little beau!!!!! Another spice baby!!! baby Tate. We are so happy for u all." Pregnant Victoria Beckham is delighted to hear her former Spice Girls bandmate Emma Bunton and her fiance Jade Jones have welcomed a second baby boy. Little Tate, a brother for three-year-old Beau, was born on Friday morning (06May11).

17th April 2011

Tweet: "Thank u @EmmaBunton for the beautiful flowers also from Jade,beau and baby bump!!!!miss u!! Oh no!!!!sorry!!!i left out the C!!!!Thank u @Melaniecmusic for the beautiful flowers!!!!!!!!so kind of u!Miss u!... So many beautiful flowers and messages!!!!having a wonderful day with my four boys!!!!" Victoria Beckham thanks her former Spice Girls pals for their birthday wishes. The pop star-turned-fashion designer hit 37 on Sunday (17Apr11).

15th April 2011

Fact: Former Spice Girls star Melanie Brown pretended to be Prince William's fiancee Kate Middleton in a mock sketch of their upcoming wedding on British comedy show Celebrity Juice on Thursday night (14Apr11). Posing alongside comedian Keith Lemon as the Royal, she joked, "I would just like to say that I have a spray tan!"

9th April 2011

Quote: "It's an exciting time for us with Mel B, Emma and Victoria pregnant. They're radiant and doing great. Any additions to the Spice brood is always good news!" Melanie Chisholm is delighted her former Spice Girls bandmates Victoria Beckham, Emma Bunton and Melanie Brown are all expecting babies in the coming months.

21st January 2011

Tweet: "I'm blown away by all your birthday messages! I've been spoilt rotten!!! Thank you soooo much!" Former Spice Girls star Emma Bunton celebrates her 35th birthday in style on Friday (21Jan11).

20th December 2010

Tweet: "Congratulations to you all tonight, a very special family! You must be so proud of David! Lots of love!" Emma Bunton sends her best wishes to her former Spice Girls bandmate Victoria Beckham and husband DAVID after the soccer star scooped the lifetime achievement award at the BBC Sports Personality of the Year ceremony on Sunday (19Dec10).

22nd November 2010

Fact: Former Spice Girls star Melanie Chisholm has been nominated among the Best Newcomers at the prestigious London Evening Standard Theatre Awards for her role in Blood Brothers. The prizegiving takes place in the U.K. capital on Sunday (28Nov10).

15th November 2010

Quote: "She's done the boxing, the crunching. She won! She knocked me out a few times." David Beckham practices his boxing skills against wife VICTORIA - and the former Spice Girls star usually wins the bout.

5th November 2010

Tweet: "Hooray!!!!! Such amazing news for my beautiful friend Emma Bunton and her beautiful men Jade Jones & Beau. I'm sooooooooo happy." Melanie Chisholm is delighted her former Spice Girls bandmate EMMA BUNTON is expecting her second baby.

31st October 2010

Quote: "Victoria's absolutely fine despite everything. It's awful for that kind of thing to happen to her, but Victoria is very strong. She's been in this environment for a long time where things are sometimes said that aren't true. But you just ignore them and get on with things." Melanie Chisholm insists her Spice Girls bandmate Victoria Beckham has brushed off allegations her husband DAVID bedded a prostitute.

8th October 2010

Quote: "When I got my tongue piercing I kissed them all cos I wanted to know what it felt like." Melanie Brown enjoyed a close relationship with her Spice Girls bandmates.

7th September 2010

Quote: "I wanna be 21 again, doing shots... Those were the wild days." Former Spice Girls star Melanie Brown, 35, occasionally yearns for her youth.

3rd September 2010

Quote: "I've never forgiven Geri Halliwell for copying my hairstyle - that ruined it for me!" Former Sleeper frontwoman LOUISE WENER inspired the Spice Girls in the fashion stakes.

1st September 2010

Tweet: "Went to a safari park and a monkey pooed on the roof!!!!" Former Spice Girls star Emma Bunton's family day out didn't turn out quite as expected.

14th July 2010

Quote: "We never claimed to be the best singers or the best dancers. But we definitely had an energy and a belief and sometimes that is just as important." Singer Emma Bunton admits the Spice Girls didn't survive on talent alone.

16th June 2010

Quote: "It's set for September (10). You'll see how my family life is, and how we cope - three kids with three different fathers." Former Spice Girls star Melanie Brown's reality TV show is taking shape.

29th March 2010

Quote: "My dad's a hairdresser and when I was nine, he gave me a Posh bob. I threw a tantrum because I wanted a Geri Halliwell layered cut!" Gabriella Cilmi took style tips from the Spice Girls when she was growing up.

10th March 2010

Quote: "The Spice brood is constantly growing and I think they are destined for great things. I think they will either be a band or a football team." Former Spice Girls star Melanie Chisholm on her bandmates' expanding families.

17th February 2010

Tweet: "Thank you so much to everyone who voted, in fact just thank you to all our fans, you've been amazing!!!" Emma Bunton is ecstatic that fans voted the Spice Girls' 1997 BRIT Awards performance of WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE as the event's best routine of the last 30 years.

21st January 2010

Tweet: "Happy Birthday you gorgeous girl." Australian singer Dannii Minogue sends her best wishes to former Spice Girls star Emma Bunton, who turns 34 on Thursday (21Jan10).

18th January 2010

Quote: "I'd love to act, but it scares me." Former Spice Girls star Emma Bunton is trying not to let her failed audition for 2006 blockbuster SUPERMAN RETURNS discourage her from pursuing a career in Hollywood.

7th January 2010

Fact: The 2010 Brit Awards will have a new category to mark their 30th anniversary - the Most Memorable Brits Performance. Contenders include The Who, Michael Jackson, the Spice Girls and Kanye West. The annual ceremony will take place in London on 16 February.

23rd October 2009

Quote: "P. DIDDY was very rude, I was introduced to him and he just shook my hand without even turning around to look at me." Former Spice Girls star Melanie Chisholm wasn't impressed on meeting Sean Combs.

14th October 2009

Quote: "We are definitely going to be doing something together again soon. We've all been instructed not to say anything about it at all, but we speak all the time. I don't want to say too much because I don't want to spoil the surprise, but it's really, really exciting." Melanie Brown is finding it difficult to keep tight-lipped about plans for an upcoming Spice Girls project.

22nd September 2009

Quote: "It was based in Leeds, so I couldn't say no!" Former Spice Girls star Melanie Brown reveals the real reason she agreed to appear on new U.K. reality show SEVEN DAYS ON THE BREADLINE - it was based in her hometown in northern England.

3rd September 2009

Fact: David Beckham celebrated his 10th wedding anniversary with a new tattoo. The hunky dad of three had 10 roses inked around his arms - one for each year of his marriage to former Spice Girls star Victoria Beckham.

17th August 2009

Fact: Former Spice Girls star Melanie Brown is heading back to her native Britain for her next TV job. The Los Angeles-based star is set to join the presenting panel of U.K. TV show LOOSE WOMEN - the British version of America's The View - for a week-long guest slot next month (Sep09).

10th August 2009

Quote: "He is the only man in the music industry who turned down the Spice Girls and said we would never work." Victoria Beckham reveals music mogul Simon Cowell was not convinced the pop stars would be a chart success. According to the BBC, the British five-piece is the most successful girl group of all time.

15th July 2009

Quote: "I've still got her in the menu of my phone as 'POSH'." Soccer star David Beckham admits he still calls his wife VICTORIA by her former Spice Girls nickname.

3rd July 2009

Quote: "I didn't watch films; my dad didn't like TV. I never really had idols growing up or posters on my wall. I guess the Spice Girls were as near as I ever got to that." Emma Watson wasn't aware of popular culture growing up.

9th June 2009

Quote: "I'll often go commando to be a little bit risque but I'd never purposely flash to the photographers, that's just wrong. And if I'm wearing a short skirt I can assure you I'll always have my knickers on. I don't want anyone but my husband seeing down there!" Former Spice Girls star Melanie Brown on her underwear rules.

3rd June 2009

Quote: "I can do it with no make-up on. Nobody sees me!" Former Spice Girls star Emma Bunton loves her new job as a DJ on British radio station Heart.

22nd April 2009

Quote: "It's very sparkly and there's people wandering around not knowing where they're quite going at three or four in the morning." Former Spice Girls star Melanie Brown is still unsure of her new permanent home in Las Vegas, where she's starring in raunchy revue PEEPSHOW.

22nd April 2009

Quote: "She's so sweet, she came to support me on the first night of the show... She's lovely." Former Spice Girls star Melanie Brown was delighted to see pal Lindsay Lohan at the opening night of her new PEEPSHOW revue in Las Vegas.

10th January 2009

Quote: "I'm single. That's fine. I know certain people in relationships saying everything's perfect when it isn't." Former Spice Girls star Geri Halliwell is happy without a man in her life.

16th December 2008

Quote: "It's this beautiful little bell in a sphere on a chain. It hangs down over her bump and the sound is supposed to be good for the baby." Emma Bunton has already been buying gifts for her pregnant former Spice Girls bandmate Melanie Chisholm.

20th November 2008

Quote: "There's gonna be bits that I'm gonna be showing. I think everybody will be showing bits." Former Spice Girls star Melanie Brown insists her new Las Vegas revue, Peepshow, will be revealing.

27th October 2008

Fact: ROLLING STONE rocker Ronnie Wood, the Spice Girls, and celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay are among a host of British stars who have donated autographed items to an auction in aid of U.K. teen cancer survivor ANNIE DICKENSON. The items will be sold off to help towards costs for her recovery treatment from Hodgkin's lymphoma.

16th October 2008

Quote: "I'm so excited she's going to be a mum and is getting married. She's the last of us to have a baby and it will be great. She's bound to ask about help with the wedding and I'd love to." Melanie Brown is excited for her former Spice Girls bandmate Melanie Chisholm, who is engaged and expecting her first child.

14th October 2008

Quote: "When we got back together we knew that was it. It was a nice way to say thank you to each other and our fans." Melanie Brown confirms that the Spice Girls reunion tour earlier this year (Jan08) was the last series of concerts for the band.

6th October 2008

Quote: "We're all in our 30s now and, let's face it, by then most people aren't doing the same thing they were when they were 18. I'm ready to move on." Singer Emma Bunton insists the Spice Girls will not be reuniting again, following on from their world tour last winter (07/08).

3rd October 2008

Quote: "It's a load of s**t. I love the Pussycat Dolls and I have a lot of respect for them and they're great, but I was in a group and it was fun, but not anymore." Former Spice Girls star Victoria Beckham denies reports she's set to join the Pussycat Dolls.

23rd September 2008

Quote: "I know people sometimes don't want to believe we are happy but we are. And, come on, I couldn't put on an act. I'm not that good an actress. Have you seen Spiceworld?" Former Spice Girls singer Victoria Beckham insists life with her footballer husband David is bliss - and recalls her embarrassing attempt at a movie career.

3rd September 2008

Fact: Former Spice Girls star Geri Halliwell threw a ceremonial first pitch before Tuesday night's (02Sep08) Los Angeles Dodgers' baseball clash against state rivals the San Diego Padres. The pop star threw to Dodgers star Mark Sweeney.

24th August 2008

Fact: Spice Girls star Melanie Brown is completing her move to Los Angeles by selling off the contents of her mansion in Buckinghamshire, England. The items will be sold on auction website eBay and the proceeds will be donated to a children's cancer charity.

21st August 2008

Fact: Former Spice Girls star Melanie Brown is helping to boost U.S. TV soap All My Children's ratings by appearing in a new TV ad for the show. In the ad, the singer, a big fan of the daytime show, states, "Everybody's got their something, and I've got All My Children."

31st July 2008

Fact: Former Spice Girls star Melanie Brown is reportedly planning a move to the Big Apple. The singer, currently based in Los Angeles, is negotiating to purchase a two-bedroom apartment for $2 million (GBP1 million), in a 43-storey tower in Midtown Manhattan, New York.

26th July 2008

Quote: "I laughed secretly but I felt really bad for her. She hurt herself, I'm sure." Spice Girls star and Miss Universe co-host Mel B on Miss USA RACHEL SMITH's unfortunate tumble onstage at the recent pageant.

26th July 2008

Quote: "I laughed secretly but I felt really bad for her. She hurt herself, I'm sure." Spice Girls star and Miss Universe co-host Mel B on Miss USA RACHEL SMITH's unfortunate tumble onstage at the recent pageant.

25th June 2008

Fact: Former Spice Girls star Melanie Brown will co-host this year's (08) Miss Universe pageant in Vietnam with U.S. TV personality Jerry Springer.

11th June 2008

Quote: "My philosophy is simple: if you're fat and you don't like it - do something about it! If your bum looks big - work out, make a salad, don't waste your life feeling unattractive!" Spice Girls star Melanie Brown is full of good advice.

6th June 2008

Fact: Former Spice Girls star Mel B has been approached to play a leading role in the stage musical version of Reese Witherspoon's hit Legally Blonde movie.

14th May 2008

Quote: "It's like being Batman and Bruce Wayne. Occasionally I have to go and put my Batman cloak on and that's fun." Former Spice Girls star Geri Halliwell is enjoying life at home now the band's reunion tour has finished.

14th May 2008

Quote: "All the men that do like me are gay. I do love gay men though." Former Spice Girls star Victoria Beckham explains her popularity with the male species.

5th May 2008

Quote: "Me and my friends would do little shows, and I'd always be Mel B... I loved them, but you get older." Leona Lewis was a huge Spice Girls fan.

16th April 2008

Quote: "British girls are great. I'd love to meet the Spice Girls - they seem like a lot of fun, if a little naughty." George Clooney.

3rd April 2008

Fact: Former Spice Girls star Melanie Brown has signed up as a guest judge on U.S. talent show STEP IT UP + DANCE.

20th February 2008

Quote: "Victoria's son CRUZ was a little star. We all had our children up on stage tonight and Cruz started break dancing! How cool is that? It's clearly in the family." Geri Halliwell was very impressed with bandmate Victoria Beckham's three-year-old son's talented display at the Spice Girls concert in New York on Monday night (18Feb08).

19th February 2008

Fact: The Spice Girls' tour bus driver helped police in Michigan arrest a suspected carjacker - after calling the authorities when he saw a vehicle being driven erratically on Saturday (16Feb08) evening.

18th February 2008

Quote: "I was told I'd been blacklisted and wasn't allowed a ticket. I still have no idea why." British pop star Lily Allen was shocked to learn she had been barred from seeing the Spice Girls on tour.

15th February 2008

Quote: "We are having a ball in the Big Apple. It's freezing so we're all keeping wrapped up. The shows are still going great. It's fun being back in the U.S. The audiences are just as bonkers as back home." Melanie Chisholm is glad the fan reception at recent Spice Girls concerts has been warmer than the New York weather.

28th January 2008

Quote: "I really want to get to one of the Spice Girls gigs before they finish their tour." Former DESTINY'S CHILD star Kelly Rowland is keen to land tickets to see the reformed British girlband.

15th January 2008

Quote: "If I looked like that, I'd walk down the street in my panties, too." Spice Girls star Victoria Beckham on husband DAVID's sexy new Giorgio Armani underwear campaign.

20th December 2007

Fact: THE Spice Girls welcomed their children onstage at London's O2 Arena on Tuesday night (18Dec07). Geri Halliwell's daughter BLUEBELL was the only Spice child not to grace the stage.

18th December 2007

Quote: "It was so glitzy that dollar signs kept appearing in my head." R+B star Rihanna was impressed by the Spice Girls performance at their U.K gig.

17th December 2007

Quote: "What an amazing show. Those girls are true stars. If I'm still around after 10 years it would be amazing." Singer Rihanna enjoyed watching the Spice Girls' first U.K. concert in nine years at London's O2 Arena on Saturday (15Dec07).

16th December 2007

Fact: Celebrities on the guest list for the Spice Girls' first London show at the O2 Arena on Saturday (15Dec07) included George Michael, former FRIENDS star David Schwimmer, and singer RIHANNA.

14th December 2007

Quote: "I just felt like the band had got so big, and the girls were almost like they didn't need me anymore... I definitely felt very redundant, like the wheels were turning whether I was there or not." Geri Halliwell on why she quit the Spice Girls in 1998.

13th December 2007

Quote: "We don't have punch-ups anymore, like we used to at 22, when there would be a few too many drinks and we'd all get over-excited. I never had any of them by the throat - but I wanted to!" Spice Girls star Melanie Chisholm on what makes the group's reunion tour a more peaceful experience.

13th December 2007

Quote: "I had a baby. Basically, she sucked the life out of my breasts, and I haven't gone down the Hollywood route. They're all natural." Spice Girls star Geri Halliwell on her less than perfect boobs.

10th December 2007

Fact: The Spice Girls enjoyed a helicopter ride over the Las Vegas strip on Saturday (08Dec07) following their reunion gig at the city's Mandalay Bay Events Center.

7th December 2007

Fact: Melanie Chisholm played an acoustic set at The Mint in Los Angeles on Thursday night (06Dec07) during a break between her Spice Girls reunion tour.

7th December 2007

Quote: "I'm so camp! I'm such a gay man trying to get out. I don't give a s**t what anybody thinks." Spice Girls star VICTORIA BECKHAM.

7th December 2007

Quote: "It's like THE WALTONS tour." Geri Halliwell on the Spice Girls' family-friendly reunion tour.

4th December 2007

Fact: Soccer star David Beckham, husband of POSH SPICE VICTORIA, bought each of the Spice Girls a bracelet to celebrate the start of their world tour in Vancouver, Canada, on Sunday (02Dec07).

3rd December 2007

Fact: The Spice Girls played covers of disco classics IT'S RAINING MEN, Celebration and THAT'S THE WAY (I LIKE IT) and Lenny Kravitz's ARE YOU GONNA GO MY WAY during their triumphant comeback show in Toronto, Canada on Sunday night (02Dec07).

3rd December 2007

Fact: Fans in Vancouver, Canada were so desperate to see the first of the Spice Girls' reunion concerts, they reportedly paid up to $800 (GBP400) for a pair of tickets.

3rd December 2007

Quote: "Luck? That doesn't matter, people will still say we're s**t anyway." Victoria Beckham awaits the critics' reactions to the Spice Girls' comeback tour - which opened on Sunday (02Dec07) in Vancouver, Canada.

3rd December 2007

Fact: THE Spice Girls will have 12 costume changes during each performance of their world tour. One of their looks will include a restyle of the original 1996 look the girls sported in their chart-topping heyday.

3rd December 2007

Fact: Production crew worked for 12 hours on Saturday (01Dec07) to erect a travelling stage for the Spice Girls' world tour. It features a walkway that extends 50 feet (15.2 metres) into the crowd. The reunited pop group kick off their world tour in Vancouver, Canada, on Sunday (02Dec07).

3rd December 2007

Fact: THE Spice Girls have 40 sold-out concerts scheduled on their world tour - but have plans to announce several more dates, with reports calculating 750,000 fans will have seen the comeback show by the time the tour ends in 2008.

2nd December 2007

Fact: The Spice Girls will have a whopping 30 racks of clothes backstage on their world tour. Costumes designed by fashion guru Roberto Cavalli are estimated to be worth up to $100,000 (GBP50,000) a piece, while dozens of Christian Louboutin heels the girls will wear cost $800 (GBP400) per pair.

2nd December 2007

Fact: THE Spice Girls will open and close every show of their world tour with their 1997 hit SPICE UP YOUR LIFE.

2nd December 2007

Fact: David Beckham flew 13,000 miles (20,921 kilometres) to Vancouver, Canada on Saturday (01Dec07) after playing a soccer match for LA Galaxy in Wellington, New Zealand, to see the opening night of his wife VICTORIA's world tour with the Spice Girls. The WANNABE stars kick off their reunion tour on Sunday (02Dec07).

1st December 2007

Fact: Each of THE Spice Girls is following a tailor-made work-out to prepare for their world tour. Victoria Beckham does a low-impact Pilates work-out, while Melanie Chisholm and Geri Halliwell focus on high-octane cardio sessions. Emma Bunton hits the treadmill, while Melanie Brown is continuing to practice her Dancing With The Stars routines even though the show has ended.

1st December 2007

Fact: THE Spice Girls have recruited an entourage of over 170 employees for their upcoming world tour (begs02Dec07) - including masseurs, chefs, nannies and over a dozen hair and make-up artists. Thirty performers auditioned by Melanie Brown and Victoria Beckham - including ten male dancers and a band - will join the fivepiece onstage nightly.

1st December 2007

Quote: "It's gonna be so good, very classy and interesting... We've picked street dancers, like breakdancers, bodypoppers. We have learned 20 routines. It's a proper show." Mel B promises Spice Girls fans an extravaganza when the group's reunion tour kicks off in Canada this weekend (02Dec07).

30th November 2007

Fact: SPORTY SPICE MELANIE CHISHOLM is to take time off from the Spice Girls' reunion tour to play a solo show in Los Angeles next month (Dec08). The singer will showcase her own material at the Mint nightclub on 6 December (08).

30th November 2007

Quote: "We are encapsulated in this world where we are just immersed in each other's lives constantly. Just before the run through of the show this morning Mel B, Victoria and I even went to the loo together - in separate cubicles obviously." Geri Halliwell on spending a lot of time with her Spice Girls bandmates.

30th November 2007

Fact: Socialite Kim Kardashian once performed a Spice Girls skit as POSH SPICE VICTORIA BECKHAM during a 1998 revue at the exclusive Marymount High School in Los Angeles.

28th November 2007

Fact: Maksim Chmerkovskiy, Spice Girls star Mel B's dancing partner on reality show Dancing With The Stars, is in negotiations to front his own Las Vegas show.

28th November 2007

Fact: Virgin Atlantic boss Richard Branson has launched a competition to name the jumbo jet which will transport the Spice Girls on their forthcoming world tour. The band came up with three suggestions - Spice One, Girl Power and Spice Girl.

27th November 2007

Quote: "I didn't think the Spice Girls were going to be that interesting but they are. They're all grown up, but still goofy!" Mel B's Dancing With The Stars partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy on meeting her bandmates.

26th November 2007

Quote: "At the end of the day they are just people. They eat with a fork and a knife and it goes into their mouths, just like everybody else." SCARY SPICE MEL B's Dancing With The Stars partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy on spending Thanksgiving Day (22Nov07) with the Spice Girls and their families.

19th November 2007

Quote: "They did mistake us for models backstage but we said 'No, we're singing'." The Spice Girls were unrecognisable at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in Hollywood on Thursday night (15Nov07), according to VICTORIA BECKHAM.

19th November 2007

Fact: The gold Roberto Cavalli dress Spice Girls star Geri Halliwell wore to the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in Hollywood on Thursday night (15Nov07) was the same one Britney Spears wore to a party in 2004.

16th November 2007

Quote: "I've really toned up but the funny thing is my bum has gotten bigger." Spice Girls star Melanie Brown on shaping up for U.S. TV reality show DANCING WITH THE STARS.

14th November 2007

Quote: "Mel B isn't as scary as she used to be. GINGER's hair is more golden, BABY's always going to be the baby and VICTORIA is very posh." Melanie Chisholm believes the Spice Girls still live up to their nicknames.

4th November 2007

Quote: "I've always been a fan of the Spice Girls, even before I met my wife. I'm excited more for the kids to actually see their mommy up on stage. I think it's going to be a great thing." David Beckham is looking forward to the upcoming SPICE GIRLS reunion tour.

30th October 2007

Fact: The Spice Girls are in talks to bare their flesh in a photo shoot for lingerie brand Victoria's Secret before they kick off their world tour in December (07). The reunited pop stars have already agreed to perform as part of the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show later this year, but are also expected to be donning the saucy underwear for themselves for a new advertising campaign.

26th October 2007

Quote: "The thought of singing WANNABE makes me cringe." MELANIE 'SPORTY SPICE' CHISHOLM on her initial doubt about a Spice Girls reunion.

17th October 2007

Quote: "I kind of see it through different eyes and I'm actually a bit of a fan. I've turned into a Spice Girls fan. I never thought I'd say that." SPICE GIRL MELANIE 'SPORTY SPICE' CHISHOLM is surprised the band's reunion has caused her to enjoy her own music.

11th October 2007

Quote: "Whenever he spoke everybody just shut up. He's like God. He's a legend and he's such a lovely guy... He's a proper gentleman." Spice Girls star Melanie Brown will miss entertainer Wayne Newton, who was voted off U.S. TV reality contest Dancing With The Stars on Tuesday (09Oct07). The pop star is still in with a chance of winning the dancing competition.

6th August 2007

Fact: The newly-reformed Spice Girls have added Toronto, Canada to their 14-date world tour later this year (07) after asking fans to vote for their "Spice City" - the Canadian city proved the most popular, with the group performing there in January (08).

30th July 2007

Quote: "We are like the Waltons. We are taking all seven children, one husband, a few boyfriends, five grown up women and all their stuff." Geri Halliwell jokes about the huge entourage on the upcoming Spice Girls reunion tour.

17th July 2007

Quote: "One of the things GERI (Halliwell) taught me... was that just before you get out of the shower, you should turn the temperature down and get a blast of freezing cold water. It makes your skin look really taut and smooth... and it's great for the circulation." POSH SPICE VICTORIA BECKHAM on the best advice she received from her fellow Spice Girls.

16th July 2007

Quote: "Everyone thought it was GUCCI, but it cost about 20 pounds. Gucci got so much publicity from it, you'd think I would have at least gotten a bag." Victoria Beckham on the misconceptions about her famous little black Spice Girls dress.

3rd July 2007

Quote: "I'm really excited about it, it's great they are going to be celebrating what they did all those years ago, and I think everyone's really looking forward to it." Soccer star David Beckham is on board with his wife VICTORIA's decision to rejoin the Spice Girls.

29th June 2007

Fact: Geri Halliwell celebrated the news Spice Girls bandmate Melanie Brown's baby daughter was Eddie Murphy's child by buying the singer a $14,000 (GBP7,000) diamond and white gold necklace.

29th June 2007

Quote: "It's like being divorced then getting back with your ex." Victoria Beckham on the Spice Girls' reunion.

28th June 2007

Quote: "This is a one night stand - you can enjoy it more" Geri Halliwell is sure fans will enjoy the newly reformed Spice Girls tour.

28th June 2007

Quote: "It's a shame it hasn't been more of a surprise - the media beat us to it." Melanie Chisholm moans that the announcement of the Spice Girls reforming surprised no one.

3rd May 2007

Quote: "I think my child has a cosmic sense of humour." Former Spice Girls star Melanie Brown on the fact her new baby daughter ANGEL IRIS shares her alleged father Eddie Murphy's birthday.

23rd February 2007

Quote: "I was just in Paris for couture week and it was so inspiring to watch how people carry themselves. I find it more inspiring looking at a French lady sitting there waiting for a bus, than walking around a designer store." Former Spice Girls star Victoria Beckham literally gets her style tips from the woman on the street.

19th January 2007

Fact: SPICEWORLD: THE MOVIE, the 1997 film starring British girl group THE Spice Girls, has been voted the worst movie ever by 12,000 film fans on MSN's website.

26th July 2006

Quote: "They're kinda like the Spice Girls but a lot younger, a lot hotter and with talent." Actor Jesse Metcalfe is a big fan of his girlfriend Nadine Coyle's girl band GIRLS ALOUD.

5th September 2005

Fact: <p>American Idol creator and former Spice Girls manager Simon Fuller has purchased himself a home in Beverly Hills for $8.5 million (GBP4.7 million). </p>

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