Peter Parker is Spiderman, and Peter Parker has died, which means Spiderman has died. Not in the movies, but where it all began, in the humble comic book.

This latest plot line, for Spider-Man 700, written by Dan Slott, sees the much loved superhero die, and fans are beyond outraged. They are, in fact, so upset that Slott has been sent death threats, which Slott does not find funny- as explained on Facebook, where he said: "Reality check: There is NO such thing as a "funny death threat." Especially if you TAG someone in it." While death threats certainly are going a little overboard, you can see why fans would be upset by this. Not only is Peter Parker dead, but his successor? Only his arch-enemy, Dr Octopus. The Doc stepped into the spidey suit and inherited all of Spiderman's memories and powers, which he believes will make him better than Peter Parker's Spiderman, CNN says. But can the suit make Dr Octopus good? We'll have to wait and see.

Unlike many other 'dead' superheroes and fictional characters, who actually do make it back to the page, Slott has said this death is for real. Well, Sherlock Holmes seemed to evade death from the written word, and he didn't even have any powers (except a great brain) so there's hope yet. Plus the movies don't always correspond with their respective written fiction, so although Parker's dead on the page, he'll live on on screen, starting next year when The Amazing Spiderman 2 gets released.