Director Spike Lee is still keen to turn his hit film Do The Right Thing into a Broadway musical, but insists he will not appear on stage as he did in the movie.

The filmmaker revealed last year he was in talks with theatre mogul and producer Sir James Nederlander and had big plans to take the cult 1989 movie, which earned him a Best Original Screenplay Oscar nod, to the stage.

Lee reveals he has started work on the project, but insists he will not be reprising his role as main character Mookie.

He tells U.S. breakfast show Good Morning America, "We might be doing a Broadway musical of Do The Right Thing. I'll just direct it. I'll write it and I'll direct it. I'm not in it, I'm too old to play Mookie."

The film, about racial tensions boiling over on a hot day in Brooklyn, New York, was written, produced and directed by Lee. It featured Danny Aiello, Samuel L. Jackson and Rosie Perez.