Outspoken filmmaker Spike Lee has locked horns with an animal activist who took exception to his threat of violence against cats.

The JUNGLE FEVER director was sat next to UNITED ACTION FOR ANIMALS president GARY KASKEL at a recent NEW YORK FILM FESTIVAL party, when they clashed over the furry felines.

According to American website PAGE SIX, Lee told Kaskel he was allergic to cats, adding, "I hate cats. They make me sick. I'd like to kick one if I saw it."

Kaskel reportedly replied, "That's what the Ku Klux Klan used to say about black people."

The aggrieved animal-lover later worded a strong letter to the SHE'S GOTTA HAVE IT director, demanding he apologise for his comments.

But Lee is refusing to budge, saying, "It was my bad luck to be seated next to this lunatic. He equated kicking a cat to the lynching of black people by the KKK, which is outrageous.

"I did absolutely nothing that warrants an apology, and at no time have I ever harmed any animal in any way."

30/10/2003 13:27