Review of Moonwink Album by Spinto Band

Read our review for the album Moonwink by The Spinto Band released on Fierce Panda.

Spinto Band Moonwink Album

The Spinto Band are just dreamy! Their first album ‘Nice And Nicely Done’ set up a very distinctive sound almost unique to them and ‘Moonwink’ adopts a similar theme. Somehow the band manage to maintain 'swirl' throughout all their songs, it’s indie pop imagine what would be created if David Byrne visited a circus, that’s somewhere close to what we have here.

With plenty of good verses and choruses, the tracks move so quickly it’s almost like the band have been on a sugar-rush whilst writing the album….. or perhaps have all suffer with a slight attention deficit, quite like if The Decemberists and Morrissey had taken on the Futureheads.

It’s a shame our summer was so dull as ‘Summer Grof’ would have been a perfect accompaniment to a sun filled summer. There’s little hooks lurking from every corner – perhaps a few grander moments would be welcome but the short sharp quickness adds to this newly found ADHD spirit. A whole night of this might just leave you with a headache, but I find most of the best nights do that anyway!

Rating 8/10

Mike Rea

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