Review of Soul On Fire Single by Spiritualized

Single review of Soul On Fire by Spiritualized.

Spiritualized Soul On Fire Single

Spiritualized are the Ryan Giggs of music, they seem to of been around for an age yet have no intention of stopping just yet. This band have touched so many souls in so many different ways and will continue to do so while they have air in their lungs and blood pumping through their bodies.

'Soul On Fire' is the new Single to come off Spiritualized's new album 'A & E' and well what can be said about these guys? Well what can be said about these guys that hasn't already been said. They know what they are doing by now and they do it well, which they have continued to do with this the new Single. 'Soul On Fire' ironically does exactly what it says on the tin, this is brilliance on a seven inch red vinyl. The band have produced an uplifting soulful tune, I didn't even think that was possible but Spiritualized have proved me wrong and will continue produce something different in their experiments of producing records.

What more can be said about these guys? Not a lot, just listen for yourselves.

Mark Moore

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