Stacey Solomon was ''dragged'' out of a baby shop before she asked Joe Swash for another baby.

The 'Loose Women' presenter recalled to her Instagram followers how she made everyone stop in a baby shop she spotted whilst out and about, but Joe was less than impressed when she started to get broody and he quickly ushered her out of the shop as fast as possible.

Speaking on her Instagram stories, she said: ''We were on our way home and then drove past this little shop and I couldn't resist! I made them all get out the car so we can have a look. I really wanted this swan ... then I got broody ... and then Joe dragged me out of there before I bought an overpriced swan or worse asked for another baby.''

Meanwhile, Stacey previously insisted she would have 1,000 children if they were all like her son Rex.

The 30-year-old singer was asked in an Instagram Q&A if she would like more children, she said: ''Oh my gosh, if they were all like him, I'd have a thousand. I don't know, you just never know what's going to happen in the future but maybe. We'd love to.''

And in response to the question, she wrote: ''100% the most asked question & this will have to be the last for now because he's awake. Yes we would love to but what will be will be. (sic)''

Stacey's comments come after Joe admitted the pair have ''really lucked out'' with their four kids, and would be up for adding to their brood in the future.

He said: ''Yes, we would love to have another baby. We have really lucked out, we've got four amazing kids and if we have the chance I think we would love another one day.''