Stacy Keibler does Pilates to stay ''strong'' for her unborn baby.

The 34-year-old model - who is expecting her first child with her husband, Future Ads CEO Jared Pobre - has kept up her strict fitness regime, which involves a combination of Pilates and tough strengthening exercises, despite being around seven months pregnant.

Her Pilates teacher Nonna Gleyzer told People magazine: ''She wants to be as healthy and as strong as possible for her baby. The focus is on keeping her body strength and also keeping her body aligned.

''We didn't change much [about her pre-pregnancy routine]. We just do less repetitions and less moves on her back. We're keeping the muscles strong and long. And we do lower abs and deep breathing which will help with the birth.''

The former professional wrestler has also kept to a strict diet of ''clean'' food and has been lucky enough not to suffer from strange pregnancy cravings.

Nonna explained: ''Stacy eats clean, quality food. There is no garbage. She doesn't eat French fries or milkshakes. You can splurge but still make healthy choices!''

''[Stacy] will be a natural mom. She's all about love and sharing. I want her to have another baby soon!''

Stacy's new husband Jared, 39, even joins his model wife for the gruelling workouts.

Nonna added: ''Stacy is strong but so is Jared. He's incredibly focused and incredibly serious. They're so in love and they make beautiful partners. They're meant to be.''