For comic book fans, Free Comic Book Day is like their birthdays and Christmas combined. The event, now in its 12th year, takes place this Saturday with stores in America, Britain and beyond giving away many exciting free titles.

Rocket Racoon guardians of the galaxyRocket Racoon takes his debut solo adventure on Free Comic Book Day

This Saturday over 20,000 shops will give away over 4.6 million comics to hungry fans. The range of over 60 titles offers a little something for everyone, with all ages of comic fans represented. There’s no need to explain what big business comic books currently are. The rebirth of the superhero movie in recent years, thanks to Marvel’s success, has pushed comic books back into the forefront. Along with established titles and characters, the newer faces you might come across this Saturday could be the stars of the next big blockbuster.

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For the littlest comic readers there’s plenty of choice on offer, from 'Hello Kitty' to a 'Spongebob' adventure as well as less established names such as the 'Adventures of Jellaby'. For those who want to get ahead of the rest before the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy why not take a look at Rocket Racoon’s solo comic adventure.

This talking Racoon whom you wouldn't want to mess with could just be the breakout star of the upcoming move. Elsewhere 'The Simpsons', 'Power Rangers' and the Smurfs are all represented but there’s also a few less familiar titles which are just begging to be checked out. For instance 'Hatter M.: Far from Wonder', sounds perfect for those of us who love the reimaginings of Lewis Carroll’s classic characters. Here the Mad Hatter becomes a 17th century action hero in search of a missing princess. If you like a bleak look at the future what about 'Entropy', in a world where the media is banned a war breaks out between those who hold the power and the ones who don’t.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2Seek out the next blockbuster at Free Comic Book Day

It’s not just all about the free comics, however. Saturday is a celebration of comic book culture with many stores expecting their customers to turn up in full costume. As we all know, comic book fans cant say no to an excuse to dress up. Since its 2002 inception Free Comic Book Day has evolved into a worldwide event, with retailers all over getting involved. The event is great fun not just for the hardcore comic readers but for families who can join in the festivities no matter what their age. To find your nearest Free Comic Book Day participating store visit and head there tomorrow. You never know what you might just pick up.

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