It has already been rumoured that Disney’s plans for future Star Wars releases may include spin-offs for individual characters and today, The Sun reported that Yoda could well be amongst those to get the special dedicated movie treatment. Disney bosses have reportedly confirmed that they will release a series of Star Wars movies, at a rate of one per year, starting in 2015.

It’s a tall order for Disney, who will be under pressure to please Star Wars fanatics (and, of course, to convert a new breed of movie lovers into Star Wars fanatics). The new trilogy will continue the story of the space saga and it is understood that some of the original stars, including Harrison Ford will be reprising their roles. In between those stories, however, will be two stand-alone movies, centred on characters from the Star Wars universe and it’s thought that Yoda could well be one of those very characters. 

Star Wars
Is this the audition queue for the Yoda movie?

Disney bought the Lucasfilm company from George Lucas last year for £2.5 billion and with it came Lucas’ biggest success: the Star Wars franchise. Jj Abrams will direct the next Star Wars movie, Episode VII, scheduled for release in 2015 and Episode IX in 2019. George Lucas will retain some involvement in the movies and has previously said that Mark Hammill, Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher were all in the “final stages of negotiation” to reprise their original roles.  

Harrison Ford
Harrison Ford - rumoured to be returning to the Star Wars franchise