With less than a year to go before The Force Awakens lands in cinemas, the top brass at Disney has given a few teasers as to what we can expect from its forthcoming ‘Star Wars’ theme park plans.

In an investors call on Tuesday with Wall Street analysts, Disney’s CEO Bob Iger stated: “a fair amount of design and development (taking place by the company’s Imagineers) to greatly increase ‘Star Wars’’ presence in multiple locations around the world.”

Star Wars
Plans for 'Star Wars' theme park attractions at Disney locations will be unveiled "soon"

Later on, speaking to Bloomberg, Iger elaborated a bit more on the timescale for the plans, saying: “fairly soon, I’m sure we’ll be ready to go public with some specifics. But it’s safe to say that you’ll see a lot more ‘Star Wars’ at Disney and at Disney parks in the near future.” Iger has said in the past that any plans for a presence in theme parks would center primarily around future films in the series, as well as its various spin-offs.

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A lot of vague plans, you might say. But one thing is for certain: ahead of the feverishly anticipated December 18th theatrical release, Disney will be getting to ready to roll out a massive campaign to take advantage of the hype.

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Two big ‘Star Wars’ promotional events are pencilled in for 2015, so it’s entirely possible that a formal announcement about the theme park plans will coincide with one of them. There’s a ‘Star Wars Celebration’ at the Anaheim Convention Center in April, and the D23 Expo (Disney’s version of Comic-Con) is scheduled for August, to add to the Disney XD show ‘Star Wars: Rebels’ which is already airing.

Disney paid creator George Lucas $4 billion for the legendary film franchise back in 2012. ‘Star Wars’ is expected to make in excess of $1 billion in retail sales for Disney’s consumer products arm alone in 2015.

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