With all this talk about the upcoming reboot of the Star Wars franchise, picking up where the original trilogy left off, it's hard to imagine that those sacred three films could ever have anything new to offer us. It turns out that there actually is something new to take from those beautiful films that graced the late 1970's and early to mid 80's, and we're not talking about yet another 'Special Edition' DVD release.

Star Wars
These guys really have seen some things

After decades of gathering dust, Lucasfilm editor J.W. Rinzler has found a treasure trove of blooper clips that, up until now, were presumed to be lost forever. Rinzler found the clips whilst scanning the Lucasfilm archives for the encyclopaedic making-of books for 'Episodes IV-V' when he stumbled across the two anda half minutes of comedy gold.

The clips have just made their way online, after being dug out from the rubble during the book-compiling process. They were first debuted in front of a lucky few at the San Diego Comic-Con in July this year, but now Star Wars fans the world over can get to look at the hilarious reel of on-set mishaps. And the clips don't disappoint too, offering a menagerie of messed up lines, clumsy stormtroopers and some other great mishaps.

Among the clips, you'll see Harrison Ford flub the line "Great shot kid, that was one in a million," a group of stormtroopers struggle to get through a blaster-made hole, and a glimpse at just how far beneath him Alec Guinness found the whole Star Wars universe as he tries to avoid a wookie. It's golden.