That's basically all we've got to work with on the casting side of things, and with Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Zac Efron and Ryan Gosling all linked to one of the roles, there is a chance that we'll see at least one big name heading to the Star Wars universe. Some individuals have been linked to roles, including British actor David Oyelowo, who made headlines in September when he was rumored to be the first person to be cast in the film.

Star Wars
Obi-Wan may also make a return to the film

 Irish actress Saoirse Ronan revealed that she has auditioned for a part in the film, although her involvement hasn't been confirmed or denied by the film's executives. According to, a casting announcement from Disney is imminent, but this has yet to be confirmed too.

On top of the return to where the Star Wars story left off with Return of the Jedi, Disney have also confirmed that they will be producing at least three movies that will look into the backstory of a certain character, with Yoda, Boba Fett and Han Solo among the top names considered for a spin-off movie. Disney CEO Bob Iger revealed earlier this year that spin-off were in the works, and that Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back and Episode VI: Return of the Jedi screenwriter Larry Kasdan and Simon Kinberg (X-Men: The Last Stand and Sherlock Holmes) have both signed on to write a back story for some of the franchise's most popular characters.

That pretty much covers what exactly we know about the project, and should we get a casting announcement soon it will surely get more press coverage than the Second Coming, so at least we have that to look forward to. The film has been scheduled for a summer 2015 release, should filming go as planned, although some reports are now stating that it has been pushed back for a December 2015 opening. We'll reserve judgement on any of the decisions and rumors until then.