Stella Mccartney has designed two exclusive charity T-shirts.

The fashion designer created the tops - which will be available in certain London stores as part of her second collection for Gap Kids - to help raise awareness for her environmental campaign, Meat Free Monday.

The strict vegetarian said: "MFM (Meat Free Monday) is about us all taking control of the environment we live in for our kids and the generations to come. Whether you eat meat or not, you can be part of this decision to limit the meat industry destroying our planet's resources."

MFM was started by Stella along with her photographer sister Mary and her father, Beatles legend Sir Paul McCartney, and aims to raise awareness of the climate changing impact of meat production and consumption.

The T-shirts, which are printed on organic cotton, feature a superhero for a boy and Stella's signature Intarsia leopard for a girl.

The mother-of-three recently revealed she thinks the fashion world is finally embracing ethical practices, something she has been doing for years.

She said: "I hope everyone else is catching up, but I'm also learning all the time, so I think I'm constantly changing and the brand is constantly changing. I think that's part of being a modern brand, you have to react to the environment you are living in, as much as the industry you are working in."