Stella Mccartney debuted her autumn/winter 2015 collection at Paris Fashion Week this morning and did so in faux fur style as the British designer displayed a catwalk sensation fit for a lifelong vegetarian.

Stella McCartney
The famous vegetarian has introduced faux fur into her fashions

Having eschewed fake fur for many years, all eyes were on McCartney’s show as model after model, including the incredibly popular Cara Delevingne, walked the runway in fur-free fur.

Stella McCartney has been extremely influential in the pro-animal world as the daughter of Paul and Linda McCartney who were largely responsible for introducing an animal-free diet to Western mainstream.

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Stella’s foray into faux fur will do much to impress on modern youngsters that there is an option away from full-blown animal pelts.

Ms McCartney told the Guardian: "Modern fake fur looks so much like real fur that the moment it leaves the atelier no one can tell it’s not the real thing.

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"But I’ve been speaking to younger women about it recently and they don’t even want real fur. So I feel like maybe things have moved on, and it’s time. We can do fabrics which look like fur, if we take them somewhere else."

But the designer admitted that she has sometimes "struggled" with the idea that people cannot tell the difference between real and fake. Therefore, all of her creations will have a "fur free fur" label attached.